All We've Been Listening to  'Lately'  Is Still Woozy's Debut EP


Photo: Shawheen Keyani

Still Woozy is an artist who feels like he needs no introduction, or rather, it feels like any introduction beyond listening to music would simply be a disservice. After all, how do you roll out the carpet for an artist whose post-genre inclinations swerve between sun-soaked anti-pop and otherworldly R&B at a moment's notice? The simplest answer we've found is that you don't; you simply lose yourself in his wondrous debut EP.

Lately, the long-awaited debut project from the Oakland native, is a five-track offering that plays out more like a single effortless groove than a mere collection of songs. It is a testament to Still Woozy's penchant for favoring ineffable vibes over strict genre restrictions or norms. Containing the two previously released singles "Lava" and "Habit," which we previously praised wholeheartedly, Lately is in no short supply of truly joy-eliciting moments.

Arguably, one of  Lately's highest points arrives in "Ipanema." Surprise released the day before Lately, the bossa nova reminiscent number sees Still Woozy linking up with two like-minded musical innovators. Featuring fellow Oakland native Elujay and post-genre auteur Omar Apollo, who released a stellar EP just last month, "Ipanema" is akin to washing ashore on a tropical island only to be greeted by your favorite musical acts serenading you in familiar yet novel tongue.

Lately may only clock in at a succinct 13 minutes, but in that short time span, Still Woozy paints himself a different sort of artist. Seemingly less concerned with critical approval or commercial success, Still Woozy grooves through a range of moods and sonic aesthetics to deliver a collection of songs that are nothing short of an extraordinarily great time. It's an EP that will have you dancing no matter the time or place.

Listen to Lately below and hear it in its entirety on Still Woozy's forthcoming US tour:

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