Andrekza Brings Us Into the World of "Pedro Pan" With New Visual  [Q&A]

Photo:  Adalid Lopez

Andrekza is an artist unapologetically true to herself. It's a simple notion but one that underlies her creative drive to explore worlds unknown, birthing into life intoxicating amalgamations that blur the line between inspiration and newfound creation.  

Such is the case of the single  "Pedro Pan," a Hispanic reimagining of the Peter Pan of yore. Taken from her latest EP, Cassette - Lado B,  "Pedro Pan" and its accompanying video, which we are elated to premiere here today, is a reggaeton-scored glimpse into one of the many worlds of Andrekza's making.

We had the chance to speak with Andrekza on her latest single  "Pedro Pan," its underlying inspirations, and what's to come for the rising artist.  

Who is Andrekza?

I consider myself a vulnerable human and free to experience my curiosities and my different ways of expression. I want the world to connect with their inner creative and not with the external comparative.

What is "Pedro Pan" the song about?

"Pedro Pan" is my version of reggaeton. Sometimes we want to meet and hang out with someone and we don’t give ourselves the opportunity. Following the wrong standards that as a woman we have to wait for someone else to take the first step. Peter Pan was my favorite movie as a child and Peter taught me that no matter how far away the person you love is, if you want to make him part of your world you will find a way. As a Venezuelan, "Pedro Pan" is the Hispanic imaginary version.

I respect the urban genre a lot, and I wanted to experience sounds in homage to that culture that has been part of me since my childhood. I am not afraid to experience new sounds and learn more about different cultures and expressions and I believe that my CASSETTE - Lado B can attest to that. I produced and wrote the song with two Latin brothers, whom I admire a lot, Vito and Edgar Vargas.

How did you go about styling the video? It's so beautiful and colorful. Did the desert bring that about?

The desert always connects us with our inner self. Living in California, I have constantly visited the desert and it has connected me with that free creativity. I have connected a lot with nature, and it has led me to know those imaginary worlds that exist in our brain but we do not go to them because we live in a very busy world. After meeting and connecting like this; I wanted to create this video in a place where I have flown completely free and that is Joshua Tree, California.

This is the last video on Cassette - Lado B, and I wanted to incorporate an element of each video of my universes. Being able to fly with my crush in my imaginary universe is the coolest thing of all. Magical realism has been one of my greatest inspirations when creating the videos, I had the opportunity to co-direct with a creative and Costa Rican brother Sebas Coto and Studio Nine by the hand of Steve and DimMak en Fuego. Everything has been an enriching experience from different aspects of my creativity.

The song is a bop and sort of requires it, but how'd you settle on the dancers and choreography?

Thank you. To be honest, it is made with a lot of love. I met the dancers in a presentation for Fuse TV in Los Angeles. I loved their vibe and energy, and I have been in constant creation and learning with them. I love to dance, but it is something that I have always been shy about and I have connected with other things. Here I wanted to break those mental barriers and dance and "perrear" to my song.

How important is it to deliver on visuals that suit the music? Or do you approach it differently each time?

My universe of Unikorlandia for my Cassette album, I have been presenting it since my first video "Te." Once the album is out, you will be able to see how all the stories are intertwined with creative elements.

Can we expect more of this style from you in the future?

I am constantly creating. I do not limit myself to one work, all expressions are beautiful, and I want to continue creating unique stories through my imagination.

What should we be on the lookout for?

Next month, I release my new song and I am very excited because it has been a song that I have been waiting to share for a long time. I also host a UNIKORLANDIA Live series via Instagram, where I share with other creatives and it has been very nice to be able to inspire so many people who sometimes do not dare to try and are left with that dream or thought of what could have been.

What's inspiring you right now outside of music?

I am creating my first line of streetwear with Unikorlandia, and I can’t wait to share it and rock it every day. Drawing and creating all of that has been too magical and inspiring.

Musically, who inspires you?

I think there are many artists right now connected with their inner creative, but some who have marked me are Bad Bunny, Akapellah, Rosalia, Rauw, Nathy Peluso, and Tainy.

Who are your Ones to Watch?

Akapellah and Nathy Peluso.

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