Ant Saunders Displays His Poetic Thrust on "I Had a Love Song" Featuring VanJess

Ant Saunders has come a long way since his breakout Tik Tok single. We're finally seeing his music blossom into a bouquet of creativity. But above all, we're seeing Saunders' lyrical prowess on full display on his latest single "I Had A Love Song" featuring VanJess.  

The collaboration feels natural. Both Ant Saunders and VanJess have an effortless ease to their writing. VanJess speaks on working with Saunders,

“Ant reached out to us during the early times of quarantine, so it was a nice escape writing our verse for such a feel-good record. We loved the soulful positive vibes of Ant's music in general and we're so happy he included us on this song.”

The song is an R&B influenced tune, and the message is clear. Imagine trying to write a song about a significant other, but quickly losing the motivation and the heart to finish the rest of it. Evidently leading to writing a song about losing the love in your unfinished song. It's meta but it's great. The production complements the harmonies between VanJess and Saunders swimmingly. Ant Saunders continues to prove his ability to grow as a breakout artist in the industry. From his songwriting techniques to his ever growing poetic thrust, Saunders' is only getting better.

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