Appleby Opens Up on  "Luck"


I first stumbled onto Appleby when he appeared on Ravyn Lenae's upbeat and introspective house tune  "Free Room" a few years ago. The Illinois native has had an interesting path to music. A former Tennis star, Appleby was traveling the world playing tennis by the age of twelve. But burning out from the rigorous lifestyle of a budding tennis talent, he decided to leave the sport.

Up until his decision to leave, Tennis had defined him. So without a clear grasp on his identity, Appleby went on a journey of self-discovery. It was during this time that he found music. On this journey, he realized that he wanted to make music and focus it on helping other people get through tough times by being vulnerable and honest about his own struggles so listeners would have something, and more importantly, someone to relate to.  

"Luck" was written by Appleby during this period of vulnerability and confusion. Appleby cautiously croons over a stripped down guitar about being in a very low place and trying to figure out who he is without holding on to the memories of who he was. Stream  "Luck" below and look out for Appleby's debut EP set to release later this year.  

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