Meet the Artists Playing Aries' First-Ever Wunderworld Fest


Sorry Scorpios, but no matter what the stars currently say, it's clearly Aries season. Of course, we're talking about the genre-bending artist who has been making a splash online and offline in the period leading up to his highly-anticipated sophomore album, Believe in Me Who Believes in You. Following the announcement of a world tour that is already quickly on its way to selling out, Aries dropped another bombshell announcement with the news of his first-ever annual music festival.

TIckets for Wunderworld Fest can be purchased here.

Wunderworld Fest is set to bring Aries back to his hometown of Santa Ana, California on November 12 alongside some of the best genre-bending talent of recent memory, including tobi lou, brakence, Deb Never, SSGKobe, Tom the Mail Man, and Ramzoid. In anticipation of the first-ever annual Wunderworld Fest, we wanted to highlight the lineup in full before making our way to Wunderworld to experience it all for ourselves.


Ramzoid's origin story lies in both his native Prince Edward Island, Canada and the days of Soundcloud at its prime. Making a name for himself on the platform as one of its original stars with a host of million-stream racking remixes, he would go on to gain increased fame via his YouTube channel, which doubled as comedic relief and acute, tutorial music production insight. Yet, it's his growing original discography that has us the most excited for Ramzoid. Bending lush electronic and hip-hop textures to his whim, it's only a matter of time until Ramzoid gets his much-deserved spot in the sun.

Tom the Mail Man

Tom the Mail Man may not be able to deliver you your package in two days or less but what he can do is deliver an intoxicating, melancholic take on a genreless landscape. Emphatically avoiding putting a label on his music, the genre-spanning Georgia artist lets his music speak for itself, preferring to focus his attention on creating a world for his fans and him to come together. So, whether it be delving headfirst into emo-rap or exploring his alternative and pop sensibilities, Tom the Mail Man is sure to bring his all.


SSGKobe seems simply incapable of missing. The rapidly rising rapper out of Centerville, Louisiana makes making waves feel like second nature, whether it be blowing up on TikTok and racking up streams in the millions or finding fans in the likes of Bella Hadid and Zack Bia. And who could blame the industry's hottest trendsetters or his growing legion of devoted fans? With a sound that builds on early genre-definers like XXXTentacion only to skirt any and all expectations, it seems like the "Super Saiyan God" moniker isn't just for show.

Deb Never

Deb Never's music teeters on the edge of hopeless dread and euphoric optimism. It's a series of bittersweet sonic revelations that owe as much to her upbringing in the Pacific Midwest as the host of bands that shaped the '90s indie landscape. First fully exploring this sentimental range on her critically-acclaimed debut EP, 2019's House on Wheels, Never's follow-up, her debut album, Where Have All The Flowers Gone?, saw her crystalizing this enthralling swirl of injured ruminations and nostalgic, affecting songwriting. In doing so, Never emerges as an artist more than capable of deftly exploring the human condition in unrelenting detail.


A lot can be said about hyperpop's impressive ascent in the past few years, but no artist has his finger on the pulse of the rapidly evolving genre quite like brakence. Pulling more from the budding genre's fascination with emo-rap, the Ohio native's music plays out with an existential and apocalyptic fervor. Over pained lyrics that surge toward inevitable catharsis, hypnotic guitar loops, and production that skitters between trap and alternative, brakence regularly bares his heart and soul to infectious effect. The result is a genre-blurring artist with seemingly limitless potential.

tobi lou

"Just Keep Going." It's the mantra that fuels every piece of tobi lou's kaleidoscopic vision. Informed by the sounds of his native Chicago but ultimately inspired the individualistic, relentless creative hunger of Kanye West, tobi would find a kindred spirit, igniting the first spark in what is now one-of-a-kind project that blurs the line between woozy hip-hop and dreamlike R&B. Look no further than his Adventure Zone-inspired breakout single "Buff Baby" or his recent slew of singles to cue you into what exactly makes tobi an artist to keep on your radar.


Little surprise here but the artist headlining Aries' first-ever annual Wunderworld Fest is none other than Aries. The genre-bending purveyor originally made a name for himself posting YouTube remixes and reimaginings that did away with the very idea of genre - from turning Migos into a Mariachi band to bringing Childish Gambino into the world of lofi hip-hop - and has since gone on to establish himself as an enviable tour de force in music's next wave. Whether it be on his acclaimed debut project Welcome Home or his forthcoming highly-anticipated follow-up Believe in Me Who Believes in You, set to release November 12, Aries' dizzying amalgamation of emo-rap, sun-soaked alternative, anti-pop, and forward-thinking nostalgia is nothing short of intoxicating.

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