Artists on Their Favorite and Least Favorite Animal Crossing Villagers


In the world of hard-hitting journalism, few topics are as divisive and polarizing as Animal Crossing, namely the subject of best and worst villagers. From tier lists to spending an obscene amount of Nook Miles tickets in the search of the  "perfect" villager, the release of Animal Crossing: New Horizons has brought with it a seedy blackmarket. Want a smug office working cat with heterochromia? Well, I hope you are prepared to shell out upwards of 20 million bells.  

From Queer Eye's Bobby Berk critiquing players' virtual homes to Elijah Wood sliding in your DMs to sell turnips, seemingly no one is safe from this newfound reality. So, as we navigate our way through a world in which Bobby isn't pleased with my island home having a room dedicated solely to turnip storage, we posed one impossible question to a few of our favorite artist friends.  "Who is your favorite and least favorite Animal Crossing villager?"



“I don't like Moose because he only ever wants to talk to me about working out, and I don't like how he calls me shorty! Katt is probably my favourite because she seems interested in having a chat when I approach her.”

Griffin McElroy


"Roald is my favorite Animal Crossing villager by an enormous margin, and was the first creature I tracked down once I got my hands on New Horizons. He's a penguin who falls into the 'jock' category, despite the fact that he's usually chilling in his igloo-house with a sandwich or a cold one in hand. He cares very much about my sick gains, and I appreciate it to no end.

My least favorite villager is Zucker, who is an octopus that most other players seem to love, but boy, he’s challenging. His head resembles takoyaki, which is to say, a fried dough ball filled with minced octopus, impaled on a stick and drizzled with brown sauce. What dark magics breathed life into Zucker? Should I want to eat him? Because I kind of do, and I don’t need that energy on my island, thanks."



"Favorite has to be Sparro by far, like woah! He's so freaking chill. Least favorite was easily Zipper - good riddance. He had such creepy unwelcome vibes."



“My favorite Animal Crossing Villager is Stitches because I think he looks like the funniest and he really likes bugs. He lives on a dirt floor, he’s an airplane king, and, despite all odds, has flourished and thrived in his life. I don’t even know if I have a least favorite but if I had to pick it would be Pate, she’s a duck and just really rude. Her eyebrows also look like W’s."



"Villagers can be a very controversial topic in the Animal crossing community. There seems to be two types of people when it comes to villager preferences - the ones who just love them all equally, and the ones who unapologetically have an overwhelming hatred for specific animals in the game. I'm of course totally against bullying in most cases, but animal crossing villagers are the one exception.  

I won't name names about the ones I hate in the game as not to hit any nerves for anyone reading, but for example there's this one resident I have - let's just say her name rhymes with Banberra - who has being going around pissing off all my best friends in town. She leaves my sweet Sydney and Marina walking around furious for no good reason. I've been trying to bully her out of my town but she's been there since the beginning and seems adamant on staying. She's my least favourite right now because of how she's been treating my other villagers.

As for favourites, I could go on forever!! In my current town, Poncho was one of my first two villagers and I decided we're best buds. He's a jock villager so is always talking about pumping iron, and I love him so much that I built a whole outdoor gym for him in my town. I tend to unconditionally love the Octopus and Frog villagers. He doesn't really count as a villager, but my favourite character in the whole game is Leif. I would literally put my life on the line if it meant his flowers would bloom perfectly."

chloe moriondo


"Pietro is my favorite ACNH villager even though I don't have him on my island (yet)!!!!!  I think he gets a lot of hatred thrown his way for being a clown, which I personally relate to, and he is colorful and cute and fun and sheepy and I would lay down my life for him. He is by far my favorite villager since I got him in my town in New Leaf.

My least favorite villager is Moose, even though I weirdly still respect him for being so ugly and notorious amongst the ACNH community. In fact, I would almost call myself a fan of him just because of how gross and hilarious I think his little manly mouse face is. I would not want him in my town ever, but I am an advocate of Ugly ACNH Villagers' Rights so I wouldn't hit him with a net or be mean to him if he were to visit. (Would NOT ask him to move in though.)"

Jorge (Peach Tree Rascals)


"My personal favorite character is (not surprisingly) K.K Slider. Any dog with that much swag and music playing ability deserves all the love and respect in the world. As for my least favorite it'd probably have to be Pietro. Something about a creepy clown like that just doesn't sit right with me, It's just so creepy looking. An honorable mention would be Papi the horse, simply because his name is Papi. Like c'mon that's hilarious! Plus his dreams of being a comic book writer remind me of when I wanted to be a comic artist when I was much younger."



"I like Goldie the most because she's just super cute. And I dislike Moose, because I hate his eyebrows. He's a little rat weirdo."

khai dreams


"I love Roald. He is a weird little beady-eyed dude, but I adore him. He was one of the villagers in my town back when I played Animal Crossing on the GameCube. Penguins were my favorite animal at the time, so I was so happy when he moved in. He is just a dumb little baby and I love him for it. Bonus fav character is Coco. She is just so weird and creepy and cute. She is my wife. She will be my wife.  

My least favorite villager is Colton. F Colton!! He showed up in my camp and wouldn’t leave until I let him live in my village. I report him every day to Isabelle, but it seems to make no difference. In his biography it says his skill is 'Writing about pickles;' what the hell? stfu Colton. Write about pickles in someone else’s town!!!"

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