10 Questions With Baytrees on Their New Single "Lover" [Q&A]

Brixton, bands, and badass music have long been intertwined, and Baytrees continue that tradition with a fun aplomb. A mosaic of influences and sounds, ranging from funk, rock, and hip-hop, the Brixton band ultimately cultivates a sound both fresh and familiar. Wanting to dig into their unique sound and city, we reached across the pond to the four-piece to learn more about their latest release, "Lover," and what lies beyond.

Who are the Baytrees? 

Hi guys, we are Mensah Hart - lead vocals, keys and guitar, Kwame Hart - bass guitar and vocals, Marcus Harris - drums and vocals, and Cudjoe Ryan - guitar and vocals.

We love "Lover." What influenced the retro feel to it?

So glad you like it! It was inspired by Marvin Gaye, Prince, Bootsy Collins, and raving. We wanted to make something we could dance to with a '90s vibe and a funky ass bassline and that’s how "Lover" was born.

Any collaborators? Who produced the track?

Lead singer Mensah produced the track with the help from the band. We also work with amazing mix engineers, Mark and Patrick, also known as Dharma Sound. They have a big influence on our sound.

The video has this sensual, very voyeuristic look at love across the spectrum. What inspired that?

We believe love is love. We wanted a video that reflects that, with people being shown love in its purest form. 

Who scripted the video?

We worked with the wonderful Rosa Parry who directed it. She came up with the concept and directed the video. She’s an amazing director and we’re big fans of her work. She was able to bring the messages in the song to life. 

Can we expect more of this style in the future, potentially on an upcoming album?

Yeah, definitely. We have just finished an EP and have our next album mixed and ready to go.

Besides this excellent single / visual what else should we be on the lookout for?

We’ve got three more releases of our EP Stitches with an album to follow. We’ve got a few collaborations in the pipeline and lots of amazing music to share with the world.

What's inspiring you right now outside of music?

We are each other’s biggest inspirations. Love is always a great place to start with a track. We’re very grateful to have loving families and great friends around us. 

What's helping you through the heat of Europe this summer?

Cold beers and a paddling pool.

Who are your Ones To Watch? 

Jessica Wild had a great album this year. Choozen and Shaiseven have been making some great music and are good friends. 

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