Bedroom Pop Meets Dance in Dillion Francis and Cuco's Bilingual "Fix You"


It did not take long for multi-instrumentalist, producer ,and singer Cuco  to take the music world by storm. The Los Angeles-based artist, whose real name is Omar Banos, is known for his hip-hop and jazz-influenced dreamy bedroom pop as well as his witty use of Spanglish.

Jumping off the success of his latest 2018 EP Chiquito, Cuco is showing us that he has what it takes when it comes to the big leagues. His newly-released single, "Fix You" is a heavenly collaboration with platinum-certified DJ and producer, Dillon Francis. You might be familiar with some of Francis' hits, among them, "Coming Over" with Kygo, "Get Low" with DJ Snake, or "Anywhere" featuring Will Heard, and many others.

The lovechild of two very dynamic artists, "Fix You," incorporates all of the elements we have come to love about both Cuco and Dillon Francis. From Cuco's groove-inducing, lo-fi sounding vocals, and Spanish lyrics, to Francis' electronic beats, the song satisfies our thirst for a very unlikely yet highly satisfying pairing. It is the type of song you can blast and dance along to at a party but also sing along to in the backseat of a car on the way home from a night out with friends.

Check out the infectious track below:

And for more on Cuco, check out our Tour Diary with the rising Chicano below:

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