Ben Kessler Shows His Perseverance in New Music Video For "Concrete" [Premiere]

Perseverance. One word to encompass the journey of up and coming artist Ben Kessler through the music industry. We're ecstatic to premiere his brand new single "Concrete", and debut his music video, directed and shot by Ethan Frank. But first, we dug a little deeper into the evolution of his music, what got him to this point and what's to come.

Growing up, Kessler attended the infamous School of Rock where he was inspired to get more into technical songwriting and recording. This led to him building his first studio in middle school. Still recording out of that same room, Kessler has grown from an aspiring songwriter, to the artist he's comfortable being. Taking gigs anywhere that would let him play live, Kessler's love for music out weighed anything else he had going on in his life. After spending some time abroad in London at the beginning of 2019 and focusing on his craft, Kessler realized that music will always be his calling.

Releasing his first official release in early 2019, Kessler blessed the world with "Good Enough". From there, he built a team around him to help him succeed. Kessler goes on to explain that the industry love he's gotten has been his biggest motivation to keep going.

"The idea behind everything I've released up until this point has been like whatever feels like the most honest version of myself. I think part of that was this realization of all the years of me trying to fit myself into a pre-existing box, and then having nobody give a shit about what I was doing. Then my song Known Like This was the first song I saw love from playlists and editorials. For me to have the industry give a shit about what I'm doing, after so long of trying to be that guy, and then as soon as I stop trying for it to really happen was just a huge confidence boost. It was validation that I can just be myself and people will enjoy it."

Evolving from then to now, Kessler's latest release "Concrete," was a demo he kept coming back to. It was a song he began writing in November of 2019 and continued to work on over the past year. He saw an image in his head he wanted to build the song around it. Kessler explains, "I had this image of this very particular moment of someone standing in the middle of the street, pouring rain, super cinematic. That feeling of falling for someone, unknowing if you're making a mistake and going to fall face first on the concrete."

And with that, director Ethan Frank brought his song to life in his new visual for "Concrete". The video displays a boy chasing after the girl of his dreams, but constantly falling into different obstacles. But no matter how hard he's fought and pushed away, the perseverance is what keeps him going. And just like that, Ben Kessler's journey within music is captured in one beautifully shot video. It doesn't matter how hard you fall, or how many times you fall... it just matters if you get back up.

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