BENNEE's  "Supalonely" Video Is a Technicolor Dreamscape


Photo:  Imogen Wilson

Calling all lonely bitches: BENEE has released the official music video for “Supalonely,” and it’s a technicolor dream. The track currently has 5.5 million streams on Spotify, which makes it BENEE's seventh most-played song, but something tells us this one is about to blow up.


Throughout the so-called "self-deprecating" song, BENEE riffs on feeling excluded by a lame significant other and realizing that her friends were right about them all along. We've all been in that relationship where you spend more time with your partner than your friends and you inevitably come back to the gang with your tail between your legs when things don’t work out. It seems like Benee is making that realization when she's sitting around at home feeling "Supalonely."

The video can certainly be described as funky, from the colors and lighting to BENEE and collaborator Gus Dapperton's outfits. She elaborates on the concept, sharing,

"it starts with me being a lonely teen at home then turns into this weird dreamscape, where I end up dancing around with Gus."

In this dreamworld, BENEE shows off some killer dance moves while proving that you can still have a great time all on your own. The song and video offer a positive spin on loneliness that honestly just makes us want to sing along to this soon to be hit.

Watch the  "Supalonely" video below:

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