Caroline Loveglow's Debut Single "Patience Etc..." Sees Her  Caught in the Throes of Love


Photo: Ari

Though the past few weeks of (mostly) post-lockdown normalcy have brought many of us the fun we desperately missed, it seems like this lifestyle has been a little overwhelming to our pandemic-scarred sensibilities. Luckily, LA's very own singer-songwriter and producer Caroline Loveglow makes a stunning debut with her new single  "Patience Etc…," a cathartic and meditative track that blurs the lines between dream pop and chillwave with a distinct and unique twist. Having recently signed to George Clanton and Negative Gemini's 100% Electronica label, Loveglow is quickly proving that 2021 will be her year.

Though 2021 has been pretty sparse in terms of dream pop bangers, Caroline Loveglow puts the culture on her back with “Patience Etc…”. Caroline's newest track sounds like Beach House and Radiohead had a lovechild. Though “Patience Etc…” carries brief glimpses of self-doubt woven into her painstakingly polished lyrics, Loveglow's debut release is just as romantic as it is catchy. With more music likely coming down the pipeline soon, it's hard not to get excited about one of LA's most promising up-and-coming artists.

“Patience Etc…” is the perfect summertime track for spending your day in a blissful lull, either alone or with a significant other. Caroline's vocal ability is almost enviable, as her ethereal singing will be sure to sway even the most hard-headed dream pop stans. With a debut album slated for release later this year, I cannot wait to see what comes next from the LA multi-hyphenate. And if “Patience Etc…” is any indication of things to come, it may be time to get excited.  

Listen to  "Patience Etc…" below:

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