Cecilia Gault Shines on the Neon-Lit "Kira Kira"


Change is a constant in all our lives, either relished or resigned, a struggle we are strengthen or weakened by. On her latest single "Kira Kira," Cecilia Gault embraces a familiar coquette J-pop sound but pivots lyrically towards healthy optimism, healing, and some much earned self-love.  

Gault is a New Yorker in temperament, style and attitude, her Japanese and Irish-American roots kicking off a fiercely nuanced independence with layers of bravado and vulnerability. Gault, or 'Chi Chi' to her close friends and family, was a woman born to perform, contemplating few other options beyond that which allowed her to sonically explore the intricacies side of life, delving headfirst into pain, loss, and vulnerability across several genres. Post-pandemic, including exploring her own stabs at producing, Gault has landed on a sound both true to her boisterous, fashionable upbringing and more confident self.

Rooted in the Japanese word for shining or sparkling, "Kira Kira" is an onomatopoeia and ode to the self, a celebratory chant of self-empowerment that was meant to balance the heavy-handed critical voice within. Taking cues from her prior single "Hanasuto," the song surges toward a hyperpop tempo as brash blur of lyrics fly by like embarking on a rain-soaked drive through the neon-lit streets of Tokyo and New York City.  

With high-pitched chimes, pulsing synths, and effect laden drums, Gault pumps and prompts affirmations to herself and others, crescendoing into a dance chorus with bouncy vocals and robe effects. The result is a caffeinated, wind at your back feeling that captures a poignant moment, with only the bridge allowing for a meditative breath. While Gault has put a shine on herself, it's time we shine that light back on her, as "Kira Kira" has all the penship for a letter not just to herself but to enduring success.  

Listen to  "Kira Kira" below:

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