CHAII Walks US Through Her Electrifying EP  'Pineapple Pizza,' Track By Track


Photo: Evan Xiao

Rapper, writer, producer, audio engineer, and video director CHAII has long since moved beyond the realm of triple threat. The enviable up-and-coming New Zealand artist has been steadily making waves with her genre-bending approach to rap that pulls from a myriad of sources and enlists a number of renowned collaborators, from Chvrsi to Party Favor, to properly bring her vision to life.    

The latest result of this kaleidoscopic approach is CHAII's sophomore EP, Pineapple Pizza, a delectable six-track offering from one of New Zealand's finest. We had the unique honor of inviting CHAII to walk us through her electrifying EP, track by track.  

"Pineapple Pizza"

Just like a pineapple pizza, relationships can be complicated and confusing. Unlike most of my music projects previously, Pineapple Pizza was a very collaborative EP/song, I wrote this song with Rory Noble, MazbouQ, and James Milne. We had so much fun throwing lyric lines at each other which then resulted in the track it is now. It's a fun uplifting yet almost kinda sad song. It's one of my favourite songs to date and I relive the studio session everytime I listen to it. Good times!  

"Might Just" (ft. Kings, Eleven7four)

It was a crazy and super vibey three hours in the studio with producer Rory Noble and artists Kings and Eleven7four. All of us experienced the pandemic and lockdowns in a similar way while being so excited about being back in the studio. The song is exactly that, it's our feelings towards the pandemic, it’s how random and out of place things feel. We had worked with one another but this was the first time all of us wrote and recorded a song together. It was magical!

"Mano Tou" (ft. Chvrsi)

"Mano Tou" is my first full Persian song produced by Frank Keys, and I got to work with one of Iran's best rappers Chvrsi. The song name translates to "me and you" and it's a fun track for all the love birds enjoying each others company. I talk about how nothing can come between us, while Chvrsi's verses set the scene of all the adventures and fun he has when in love.

"Get It done"

"You feel important, I feel imported.“ Let nothing get in your way of achieving your dreams even if you feel like an outsider. Everyone is capable of greatness and making a mark in this world. I try to stay true to who I am and where I’ve come from while not letting people’s judgment of that get in the way of representing my culture and following my dreams at the same time. Produced by Frank Keys, I feel the song came together so effortlessly and we had a blast making it.

"Oh Nah Yeah" (ft. Party Favor)

"Oh Nah Yeah" as a song evolved through many different stages. What was once a half-written, half-finished song was then passed onto and brought to life by the one and only Party Favor. We made the song as well as a video all in three or so days. I wrote this song about facing your fears and to never let fear decide what route your life takes. It's about asking questions and to never be afraid of failing and to always take risks.

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