Dominic Fike Drops Two Videos for "3 Nights" and Teases New Music


In pure Dominic Fike fashion, the buzzy rising artist just dropped two unexpected music videos for "3 Nights." After sparking a label bidding war before ever releasing music, Fike took his fans on an emotional roller coaster, from his explosively successful debut EP Don't Forget Me, Demos, to hitting a short period of radio silence to now dropping two new music videos out of the blue. Fike's inaccessibility up to this point has kept fans hanging on his every move, but he's stepping out again to give them something new to stoke their unshakable passion.

Directed by Nathan Rickard, the video for "3 Nights" shows the cyclical nature of a youthful lifestyle. From hopping into cars to going out to parties, to meeting new girls and doing it all again with someone new the next night. Fike's performance is effortless in the video, as he moves through the scenes clutching a beat up box, whose contents are later revealed as a pet turtle. Confusing? Yes. Do we love it for some reason? Also, yes. The song ends, but the video continues briefly, accompanied by an unknown song that we're assuming to be unreleased music.

The alternative video is directed by Kevin Abstract and was released on BROCKHAMPTON's YouTube page. The video gives fans a look into his personality as he runs through suburban streets hitting a bongo, doing backflips and leaning into his energetic nature. This new kind of music video takes the meaning of candid to the next level, as the content is completely made up of Dominic Fike's unplanned movement, personality and general charm.  

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