frogi Shares a Message to Her Younger Self in "phantom limb"


Photo: Victoria Lemmus

A quintessential element of coming of age is the realization of the blind spots that often fuel the painful experiences of our youth. As one's life memoir grows into a collection of these lessons learned, we often feel a strong longing to travel back in time, fueled by a desire to share these breakthroughs with our younger selves.  

For artist, songwriter, and producer frogi the penning of her latest single single "phantom limb" acts as this transportive vehicle. Sharing introspective realizations of pinning her self-worth to others who didn't have her best interest in mind, frogi taps into a wisdom found only through reveling in these painful experiences that led to a personal rebirth.  

Melding the worlds of folk and alt-pop, she pairs this message with an otherworldly sonic backdrop. Interlaced with ear-bending textures and splashes of percussive color, she ushers listeners into her kaleidoscopic world, while providing a safe place for them to feel welcomed and understood.  

In her own words,  "I like to travel in time when I write songs and visit different versions of myself. This song is a visit from present me to a younger me. I look back at myself when I was a teenager and send her love. Her self-esteem was pretty low, and her self-worth was so based on a relationship that was doomed from the start. I find it healing to talk to my younger self and show her love she didn't know back then. I think it pieces broken parts of my present self back together."

"phantom limb" represents a turning point in the young artist's career, marking the first single to be released as the flagship artist on independent label Apartment 22 established by TMRW Magazine. Following the success of recent singles "moonlight," "Dylan," and freshman EP introvert, she swiftly climbed to the top of Hype Machine, hitting the Top 5 Trending Songs and Top 10 Trending Artists, garnering further support from Spotify editorial playlists such as Fresh Finds, Pop Chillout, Chilled Alt Pop.  

Writing and producing "phantom limb," in addition to all of her previously released work, entirely herself, she is dedicated to her catalogue being comprised of her completely. This choice represents a conscious to decision to champion further female involvement in the creative process of music, allowing for the unfiltered voices of women to be heard.

Listen to "phantom limb" below:


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