Gooseberry Perform Sonic Alchemy in New EP 'Broken Dance'


Photo: Savannah Shealy

Forming a band at the same time as a pandemic is breaking out might seem like an insurmountable obstacle for some, but Brooklyn-based quartet Gooseberry has set out to prove that if they can make it here, they can make it anywhere. Eager to show that they are indeed up for the challenge, the group came together and produced an EP that is nothing short of spectacular.

Roaring out of the gate with their debut EP Broken Dance, Gooseberry is announcing to the world that they have something unique to offer. Broken Dance is a compelling collection of songs with multiple genres and styles woven throughout the EP. Above all, this EP is fun and relatable, and by listening to these tracks, you get the feeling that the four bandmates that make up Gooseberry are all about the good times. If you’re trying to nail down their style, don't bother. "Sleep," "Broken Dance," "Only One," and "Living to Die," are about as versatile as four songs can be on a single EP. You have hints of jazz and rock, with appearances by horns, strings, hard-driving electric guitar, and well-placed piano melodies.

This EP is bold and beautiful, a true showcase of Gooseberry's talent. On full display is the band's wildly diverse and dynamic songwriting skills that transform this eclectic blend of music into a surprisingly cohesive and thoroughly enjoyable listen. If you haven't heard of Gooseberry before, this EP is most certainly the perfect introduction.

Listen to Broken Dance  below:

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