Gracie Abrams Grapples With Self-Growth in "Block Me Out"


Gracie Abrams has officially proclaimed this year to be hers. After releasing  This Is What It Feels at the tail-end of last year to widespread acclaim, she kicked off her headlining North American tour. Not long after wrapping up her run of headlining shows, the rising singer-songwriter currently finds herself on the back on the road in support of Olivia Rodrigo. Even amid the busiest season of her career, Abrams still manages to find time to carve out a tender moment of vulnerability in "Block Me Out."    

As one of the most promising vocalists of a new pop era, there is no surprise that an artist like Abrams feels anxiety and apprehension surrounding her recent popularity and success. Abrams sings "Because now I only let me down / When there's no one else around," depicting her refreshingly honest feelings of inadequacy and fear. In the chorus of the ballad, she admits, "Wish I was heavier now, I'm floatin' outside my body." While these lyrics are packed with feelings of dissociation and coming to terms with self-growth, the artist dissects these poignant topics with an understated sense of intimacy that blurs the line between deeply personal and universal.

"Block Me Out" is an essential piece that adds to Abrams' growing discography of soft pop stunners. Unlike many of her peers, the singer-songwriter has quickly grasped her sonic identity at an early stage of her career. Co-written and produced by The Nationals' Aaron Dessner, "Block Me Out" leans into what makes Abrams' sound so well-loved while simultaneously suggesting a newfound clarity in her complex lyrical growth.

Watch the  "Block Me Out" making of and lyric video below:

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