If You’re Crushing on Someone, Hana Eid’s “Weird” Is For You

“Second-guessing, second-guessing myself all the time / Counting out my footsteps as I walk the tight line.”

Having a grade school crush can be exhilarating—purposefully taking the longer route to class because you know you’ll pass by them, going to events you normally wouldn’t attend because you know they’ll be there, and essentially making up any and every excuse to be in their presence... only to admire them from afar. But when it comes to actually speaking to that person—and God forbid expressing your feelings to them—having a crush can quickly become terrifying, anxiety-inducing, and quite literally soul-crushing. Crushes are weird. Feelings are weird. And singer-songwriter Hana Eid’s latest single, “Weird,” captures all of the tricky emotions accompanying the experience of having those silly little feelings of love for someone.

“Weird” is a song for anyone crushing; whether it be on a close friend, a coworker, a local barista, or a person who sat across from you in class, “Weird” expresses the inner conflict that comes with finally admitting to yourself, and that certain ‘someone,’ that you might just like them a little bit more than a friend (or a coworker, or a barista, or a stranger). From wanting to spend the night, but going home instead, and wanting to grow old together, but choosing to stay quiet, Eid’s songwriting is as vulnerable as it is relatable, letting the listener hear her innermost thoughts and fantasies in the form of a Notes app diary entry. In a chorus that you can’t help but rock out to, Eid sings, “I wanna talk about it and I wanna talk to you, I wanna understand what I feel and I think I know I do.”

While “Weird” is primarily driven by its lyrics and imagery, the track is modern indie rock at its finest. It’s almost as if Briston Maroney, Ethel Cain, and The Japanese House got in the studio and decided to pick up some instruments and see what happens (spoiler alert: what happens is really, insanely tasteful.) Electric guitar riffs, a pulsing bassline, and a drum kit accompany Eid’s vocals wrapped in angst, honesty, and the slightest degree of admiration. “Weird” is unapologetic, and perhaps that is why it feels so familiar.

“Weird” is the kind of song I wish I had as a teenager. Having a first crush that felt like the most important thing in the world and not understanding how to make sense of those feelings—instead, keeping them bottled inside—hoping everything would magically sort itself out.

Listen to "Weird" below:

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