heylog Is Quietly  Creating Emotive Hyperpop in His Own Corner of the Internet


In the constantly shifting landscape of pop music, more and more artists are trading a traditional approach for a DIY rollout and experimental production. No one quite embodies this shift as the anonymous, multi-hyphenate known as heylog.

The self-produced wunderkind is one of the best storytellers in underground music. His vulnerable approach to songwriting is showcased perfectly on wildly innovative singles such as "i love you,"  "welcome to the end," his latest single, "snake's in the wall," and his 2021 debut project, this is heylog. The production on these tracks is a perfect culmination of influences, ranging from hyperpop, electronic undercurrents, to brash and alternative emo delivery.  

"snake's in the wall," in particular, is a gradually building ballad that sees heylog self-reflecting on a failing relationship. From the storytelling to the intricate production, it's easily one of heylog's best songs to date.

In his own corner of the internet, heylog is building his own cult following with each new single. The glitchy production and stunning vocal lines make each single captivating from start to finish. And while little is known about the anonymous artist and producer, it's likely that this is only the beginning for the budding artist.  

Listen to "snake's in the wall" below:

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