Jean Dawson Ponders Life and Death in "CLEAR BONES"

If we've said it once, we've said it a million times: Jean Dawson is the future. The Los Angeles-based experimental pop purveyor is making music that regularly escapes simple classification. It is a sentiment that makes him one of those most exciting rising artists today and one he leverages to the fullest in his latest single.

"CLEAR BONES" follows the release of "POWER FREAKS" and "Policà­a," the latter of which, with the release of an anti-nazi tee, raised thousands for the Innocence Project, Inner-City Arts, and Black Trans Travel Fund. Moving away from the adrenaline-rush of his previous single, the unsigned artist makes his way through a sauntering revelation on life and death.

Dawson seemingly takes more inspiration from the sun-soaked history of Los Angeles in his latest single, incorporating a classic feel of '90s punk and alternative without ever sacrificing that impossible to define spark which separates himself from his nearest cohorts. And while "CLEAR BONES," with its infectious guitar slides and Pixies-evoking bass line, undeniably moves at its own easy-going pace, there remains the raw honesty and unfiltered musicianship that defines much of Dawson's work.

It comes through in his sudden outbursts, where he ponders on life and death through a gritted snarl, only to leave us with an abrupt and sudden finish. The effect is a jarring and daring showing of how easily Dawson defies expectation.

"CLEAR BONES," and its accompanying music video, is yet another testament to Dawson's limitless potential in music's next big wave. It is music for those who were scolded for coloring outside of the lines, music made for the perpetual outsider.

Listen to "CLEAR BONES" below:

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