J.Lamotta Has Us Completely Wrapped Around Her Finger


Those unfamiliar with the incredible artistry of Berlin-based singer-songwriter J.Lamotta will undoubtedly come running upon hearing her jazzy take of neo-soul. To say her lush sonic concoction goes down smooth would be a monumental understatement. J.Lamotta's delivery is elegant, her spirit seeping through each record, cascading through your senses as if assigned to do so. Do not let the "new artist discovery" category of this piece fool you; J.Lamotta has been doing this for quite some time and is now permitting us to step into her world.

Studying the likes of Ms. Lauryn Hill, Marvin Gaye, J Dilla, and Billie Holiday, J.Lamotta identifies with the intention the aforementioned savants place in their music. This musical principle does not simply ask for intimacy but demands it, resulting in the heavenly grace and poise J.Lamotta delivers with each record. Her elegance as a singer, intention as a songwriter, and ear for a wide array of production has us in awe of her ability to have remained under the preverbal radar for this long.

J.Lamotta's first release, a six-track EP titled Dedicated to, was shared in December of 2015 on Bandcamp. Infusing hip-hop elements with her love for jazz and soul, J.Lamotta lyrically weaves in-and-out of looping production. Elements of her ethereal vocal stylings are featured more as a secondary element than a focal point. The project captures something primal, a piece of uncensored art that highlights J.Lamotta's undeniable talent in its most raw form.


A year would pass before the newly surfaced singer-songwriter released her next independent EP, Grains of Sand. Showcasing an, even more, evolved sound, J.Lamotta's second six-track exhibition successfully demonstrated her ability to create grand acts of neo-soul bliss. Listeners are met with refined vocals and jazz-infused instrumentation that does nothing if not impressive. This exceptionally rarified quality not only foreshadowed her future work but set a precedent for the level of quality that accompanies each release.

Before sharing her full-length debut, J.Lamotta shared her self-proclaimed "four-chapter EP," State of Being. Unlike any of her previous work, the new EP was shared visually as well as sonically. The live-in-studio recording of each song is captivating. Viewers experience not only J.Lamotta’s charisma as a performer but also the chemistry she shares with her newly announced band, The Dizzy Sparrow. The ensemble's performance is captivating regardless of which medium you choose to enjoy it in.

Only a few months would pass before J.Lamotta returned with her first full-length project, Conscious Tree. The ten-track album feels and sounds like the creative culmination of her previous works. Each record implements and revolutionizes past sparks and ideas from her past releases. Finding a medium between neo-soul and jazz sample implementation, J.Lamotta creates a stirring soundbed for her lyricism to shine. Songs like, "Don't Take Us To The Bottom," "Who is Who" and the reassuringly hopeful ambition of "Chance" all reinforce J.Lamotta's ability to create a truly immersive experience for listeners.

After two years of silence, J.Lamotta resurfaced with the release of her 11-track album, Suzume. Contrary to her debut, J.Lamotta recruited the assistance of her band, The Dizzy Sparrow, to create the warm live instrumentation felt all over the project. Tracks like the album's opener, "If You Wanna," "Shake It," and "Turning" delve into J.Lamotta's effortless potion of neo-soul bliss. There is an undeniable authenticity to this album and its subject matter that ranges from personal growth to the storytelling of J.Lamotta's roots.

It is incredibly hard not to fall head over heels for J.Lamotta and her addicting brand of neo-soul. Her clear-and-present passion for the artform, respect for its pioneers and personal creativity is a reassuring sign that she will be the topic of conversation for a very long time. The best thing we can do as fans is to make sure to pay very close attention to what J.Lamotta does next. Because if her track record is any indication, she will most likely outdo herself.

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