Meet joshua epithet, the Artist Looking to Leave His Mark Amongst a New Wave of British Musicians


Photo: Eric Aydin-Barberini

Whether it be collaborating with artists across the globe to make a hypnotic mix of lofi and hyperpop or creating an angsty epic britpop influenced anthem, Manchester-based artist joshua epithet's genre-spanning music is sure to get you listening.

Influenced by both UK and US artists, epithet developed his pan-genre sound by taking inspiration from the best of both worlds. English influences such as Blur and The Streets steadied the UK native's ears while the sounds of the US'  Childish Gambino and Tyler, The Creator helped solidify the artist's multi-faceted vision.

"When I was growing up, the type of music I was into, America was doing it way better," he explains, "but I’ll rep Britain all day long - as much as my Irish mum allows me to. I want to be part of this new wave of British musicians."

Following his debut release "Eight Years Old With An Iphone" in 2021, epithet came out swinging in 2022 with a reimagined bedroom pop single, "You Genuinely Concern Me." "You Genuinely Concern Me" combines the Manchester native's melancholic vocals with a '90s indie pop undertone and hip-hop beat to cultivate a song worthy of blasting in the car.

Everyone knows the feeling of recreating an argument in the shower just to perfectly articulate everything you should have said in the moment. The 19-year-old's latest track is an anthem for everyone who's gotten frustratingly tongue tied at the worst of times. “It’s about looking back on an argument or situation, thinking about what you should’ve said, and reimagining it to save yourself from dwelling on the past,” says joshua.

Directed by Ben Wescott, the music video for "You Genuinely Concern Me" follows epithet through a desatured lens wandering through the streets with a bouquet of deflated flowers in hand. The cinematography doesn't stop there as Wescott uses a DIY-like fish eye lens to fulfill a classic '90s street aesthetic.

Watch the "You Genuinely Concern Me" video below:

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