Julia Lucius' "Stay a While" Is an Invitation to Love to the Fullest


Julia Lucius'  "Stay a While" is a beautiful reminder to live and love to the fullest. The song from this emerging talent will immediately put you in a good mood, and I'm fairly certain that as a new artist on the scene, Lucius is here to stay a while.

A lasting moment from Julia's rural upbringing was her jamming out to country and jazz music while living in an RV park. Paired with her love for the city, Julia is coining the term disco-country. Her poignant lyrics and nostalgic melodies join forces to authentically encapsulate her voyage through adolescence. Through her storytelling, Lucius is overwhelmingly optimistic and romanticizes the seemingly simple joys that would seem pedestrian to any other passerby.

As a result of that joyful nature, "Stay a While" arrives as an earworm of a track that you'll absolutely come back to long after your first listen. With Julia's dulcet tones and perfectly balanced production on full display, the track leaves you with a lasting sense of understated euphoria. Most of all, to Julia, "'Stay a While' is an ode to vulnerability. To open up and give your heart to someone is some scary stuff."

Listen to  "Stay a While" below:

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