Kacy Hill Blossoms With Experimental Poise on "Seasons Bloom"

Photo: Max Monty for Fiorucci

It's been a minute since we've last heard from Kacy Hill, but luckily the pop singer-songwriter prodigy makes a grand reintroduction with "Seasons Bloom," the first single since her sophomore album, Is It Selfish  If We Talk About Me Again,  released last year. Gracing fans with her signature synthesis of the romantic and experimental, Hill's newest track sees the young artist providing listeners with the perfect end-of-summer anthem as we look towards the fall and beyond.

After the release of her sophomore album, fans were treated to an in-depth look at Hill's meditations on self-actualization and growth, a journey that continues on "Seasons Bloom." Bursting at the seams with eclectic percussion, muted instrumental tracks, and distorted vocal melodies, Hill spares no artistic expense as she makes her fated return to music alongside producers and composers John Carroll Kirby, Jim E. Stack, and Ariel Rechtshaid.

"Seasons Bloom," like life itself, is a divine labor of love, one whose cathartic moments of flourish are embedded within sections of James-Blake-meets Kilo-Kish-esque melancholy. Hill's carefully crafted chorus, where she sings lines like "I swear that I couldn't love you more if I tried," sound like a bittersweet rainbow after a hectic rainstorm.  Equally invested in the past, present, and future, her songwriting is a testament to the power of endurance, powering through difficult times because of (or with the aid of) another meaningful person. The progression of "Seasons Boom" is dynamic, and the way that Hill careens through kaleidoscopic pop beauty and uncertain ambient uneasiness is just as striking as the dulcet tones that she decorates the track with.

After the past year we've all been subject to, resilience is a virtue that many of us have learned not to ignore, and hearing Hill effortlessly weave varying musical styles together like one season passing into the next is a healthy reminder of its understated, transcendent importance.    

Listen to "Seasons Bloom" below:

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