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Kiana Ledé's formative years were defined by a wealth of influence, both culturally and sonically. Born and raised in the outskirts of Phoenix, Arizona, before setting off for Los Angeles, the unique vocal talent, multi-instrumentalist, and actress underwent the sort of pressure that breaks even the most resilient of us, but much like a diamond, Ledé emerged polished by the experience as one of R&B's future stars. We had the pleasure of inviting this multi-talented artist out for a special night where we were graced by the heavenly sounds of Ledé's newfound R&B and got to know the siren behind the sound.

Born to a Mexican and Native American self-raised mother and an African American And Native American father, Ledé developed a strong sense of cultural identity that informs her sonic art to this day. Bursting onto the scene with the DIY #SoulFoodSessions, the rising R&B sensation racked up over 50-million views all without a record deal. She also somehow found the time to join the cast of MTV's Scream and tour with KIDZ BOP.


Catching the eye of Republic Records co-founder Monte Lipman, it was practically no time at all before he personally signed Ledé to the label. Since that fateful signing, Ledé has gone on to rack up plays in the tens of millions, contribute to the Fifty Shades Freed soundtrack, and release the critically-acclaimed Selfless EP - all while retaining her characteristic fusion of R&B and soul. Set to embark on tour alongside Ella Mai this February, the future belongs to Ledé.

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