KROWNS Celebrates Realness with 'Fake It' EP


A rising alternative band from Calgary, KROWNS refuses to waste a single bar on mediocrity in their thrilling new EP Fake It. The innovative trio cleverly blends infectious lyricism with crushing hip-hop beats in a refreshing manner that sets itself apart from other monotonous artists in the alternative scene. With Fake It being their first EP, KROWNS is definitely making a bold name for themselves as a trend-setting band provoking a forthcoming revolution rooted in originality and empowerment.    

A frustrated product of a broken home, front man Kyle McKearney vocalizes his difficult struggles with his complicated past and the destruction they've caused in Fake It. The striking opening track, "Triumphant" immediately bestows upon us a powerful sense of confidence and determination. With blaring brass elements and compelling melodies, "Triumphant" encourages listeners to find our own paths to success by ignoring our doubters. Similarly, "High While the World Ends" is an honest declaration of our willingness to partake in this disappointing world's schemes, but KROWNS finds themselves rejecting society's expectations as they proclaim the need to escape life's demanding wrath every now and then.

Themes of societal oppression and exasperation continue in "Fake It," the explosive title track examining the inevitable fear and desperation we endure by simply living. Instrumentally, this thrashing banger features dramatic synthesizers and catchy electronics that are effortlessly infused with over looming vocal overdubs. KROWNS certainly has no shame in being completely transparent with their truthful songwriting - as we can see in "Phony," a more laid-back tune discussing the obvious personas people take on to compensate for their evident shortcomings.

A mellisonant tribute to those who are able to see past nonsense and resist temptations, "All the Money in the World" transports listeners into a peaceful trance of detachment with its soothing vocals and comforting harmonies. Fake It is inspired by McKearney's recollection of his tormented childhood traumas, and "Forget Life" is the bittersweet farewell to this melancholic saga. After invigorating listeners in the EP's first five dynamic tracks, McKearney expresses total exhaustion in "Forget Life," suggesting that he'd rather fall into a deep slumber than deal with more triviality.

KROWNS sets out to authentically narrate their painful battles with personal demons while empowering listeners to conquer their own fears, and they've definitely succeeded in doing so with Fake It. Unshackle yourself from society's chains with KROWNS' new EP Fake It below:

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