Lennon Stella's "Golf On TV" Is a Call to Let Go of Toxic Love

Photo:  Pooneh Ghana

Experiencing disappointment makes it is easy for expectations to become a distant memory. Lennon Stella's new single, "Golf On TV," featuring JP Saxe, reminds us of the simple tenderness of a love that is real - no lies, no games, no toxicity.

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Accompanied by warm piano chords, layered vocals, and driving percussion, Stella sings about the pleasant feeling of surprise upon being treated right for the first time. The surprising sentiment arrives in the chorus as Stella sings, "Some people think it's supposed to hurt / Like it couldn't be real / If it's putting you first / But some people watch golf on TV / And neither of those things make sense to me," remind us how out-of-fashion an insincere or deceitful relationship really is. In the second verse, JP Saxe joins in singing "That stability / It's so healthy / It's confusing me / I'm done with romanticizing / Dysfunction and compromising," reflecting an epiphanic confusion about the acceptance of toxic love and the triumph of realizing you are worth so much more.

This collaboration between Stella and Saxe has cultivated not only a beautiful song but also one with a very important message. If you are in an unhealthy relationship of any kind, you deserve better. The gentle pop tune is a follow-up to Stella's most recent single "Kissing Other People" and arrives alongside the title of Stella's highly anticipated debut album, Three. Two. One., which  will be released later this year.  

Watch the  "Golf On TV" lyric video below and catch Lennon Stella on tour this spring and summer:  

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