Liza Owen Shows Her Wild Side in "Getting Good" Music Video

British-Cambodian singer-songwriter Liza Owen spins pop upside down and all around with unfiltered lyrics, undeniable melodies, and unapologetic spirit, especially in her latest music video for her single “Getting Good.”

“Getting Good” is an energetic and effortlessly catchy track with just a touch of apathy. Owen shared that her frustration with the music industry and her tendency to self-indulgence inspired the single. The electrifying visuals weave a story of self-destruction excellently and what it means to embrace the good, the bad, and the ugly.

Reminiscent of early 90s guitar-driven grunge, the song opens with a hypnotic rhythm played on the triangle, instantly drawing listeners in. In the chorus, Liza echoes, “I’m getting good at wasting time, With my friends in neon lights, live a lifetime in one night, I’m getting good at counting cars, Getting good at hating songs, Getting good at getting gone,” fully embracing the song’s theme. “Getting Good” explores the dualities that live inside all of us in a raw, honest, and unapologetic fashion - true to Liza Owen’s nature.

Directed by Kai Cranmore, the video unveils Liza’s wild side, as she dangles out of a moving car and smashes beer bottles on set while performing with her pink-haired bandmates. “This song is really about self-destruction and recognizing that sometimes we’re all a bit lost,” says Liza. “It’s kind of a dark song, but there’s also a weird sense of empowerment in just owning that darker side of yourself and all your floors.”

Mirroring the song’s motif of self-destruction, Liza gradually grows increasingly rebellious on a fictional film set before eventually being stuffed into the trunk of a car and dragged into the desert by her leopard print-wearing alter ego.

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