mazie Released "i think i wanna be alone" But We Want To Hangout With Her


Is it fair of us to call this stage in music history the age of the one hit wonder?   (Thanks a lot Tik Tok. *cough* *cough*) It's become quite refreshing to find an artist that falls out of this pattern, and we are proud to deem mazie as one of those finds. This week, "i think i wanna be alone" hit streaming platforms, and we hit that repeat button.

With a 'self-deprecating, but hopeful' sound, mazie brings a fun spin to an introvert's way of life. "Can't even open up my phone / The world is fuckin terrible / I think I wanna be alone / Remember to forget me at home / Because I'm manic pixie dreamin' about bein' alone" mazie coos over production full of bells and whistles that you would hear in a child's play room. But don't worry "I don't need therapy / I'm always there for me in the end" mazie says with such confidence. The colorful creative was able to share her connection with song:

"i think i wanna be alone' means so much to me because I had such an insanely fun time making the song with my producer Elie. A couple weeks after finishing the track we ended up spending five days in Elie's basement with our closest friends making the music video and I seriously don't think I've ever been so proud of/enjoyed doing something more."

Glad to hear mazie is balancing her alone time, with some friend time. We now have another single to follow up mazie's smash of a debut hit "no friends" that was listed by the likes of Lorem, Lemonade and Teen Beats on Spotify. We are confident this strong follow up puts her in the pool of artists that are destined to *not* hold a spot in the one hit wonder  hall of fame.

mazie... We'll be seeing you on our 'Rewind Repeat' playlist. Until then, catch "i think i wanna be alone" below:

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