mmmonika Makes Chores a Whole Lot More Fun in "Swamp Time" Video [Premiere]


mmmonika is your new favorite indie band who are destined to "create happy music for sad people." So, it makes total sense that these guys would turn what started out as a chore into a much wackier and creative opportunity. The LA quintet’s single "Swamp Time" dropped at the end of summer, and now the group is debuting the cheery accompanying visual, directed by none other than former K-Pop star Amber Liu.

"Swamp Time" is a lively uptempo track with plenty of restless energy. But don't be mistaken, as lively as "Swamp Time" sounds, it's a bit darker than it first appears. Lead singer Ryan Yoo isn't one to shy away from his own struggles with anxiety and depression, which can be seen in the bridge where he sings, “I’m dying, it’s coming, I taste it." The track revolves around inevitability and the end of ends. Yet, the rowdy and rambunctious overcurrent  accomplishes mmmonika's overarching goal. This is  happy music for sad people.  

As for the music video's origin story, guitarist Gabe Durastanti desperately needed to repaint his bedroom. So he and his four roommates, who in real life are his bandmates, decided to help him with the task at hand. The activity quickly became a unique idea for a music video and the boys ran with it. Dressed in white from head to toe, the band uses paintbrushes and buckets as instruments. There's a ton of fun shots and tinted overlays of them relaxing in their hot tub, poetically tossing roses into a campfire, and jumping on an inflatable unicorn. Yoo spoke with us about the making of the music video, sharing,  

"'Swamp Time' is never a good time, unless you got Amber and David (our excellent DP) on set making sure your ass has a good time. We never finished painting Gabe's room."

mmmnokia's debut EP Very American! is slated to drop November 19. Until then, enjoy your first look at the  "Swamp Time" music video below:

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