NASAYA and Tim Atlas' "PLASTIC STRAW" Is an Ode to  Sea Turtles and Parting Ways [PREMIERE]


Today we are beyond excited to treat you to  "PLASTIC STRAW," a mighty fine electronica tune courtesy of Reunion Island's NASAYA. After studying jazz guitar at Berklee College of Music when he was only 16, NASAYA fulfilled his dream by moving to Los Angeles and pursuing music full time. His eclectic taste in music certainly shapes his futuristic electronica, which is accompanied by the thoughtful lyricism we hear throughout "PLASTIC STRAW."

On "PLASTIC STRAW," NASAYA exclusively shared with us,

"I wrote this song with Tim in July and it all came together super quickly. I was listening to a lot of classic 2000-2010s records, such as Phoenix, Daft Punk or Jungle at the time and that inspired the production decisions. I think it's a slight departure from my usual style especially in terms of arrangement - Here the chorus 'climax' is achieved mostly with the hook vocals rather than making it all about the production or a 'drop' - That gave me more musical freedom for the outro of the song, and I feel like it gives it an interesting flow. I feel like compared to my other tracks this feels more like a cool 'song' rather than an 'electronic' track featuring vocals on top of it and it's something I always wanted to do."

Immediately as "PLASTIC STRAW" begins, we're thrown into an explosion of electronica that we just can't resist. The otherworldly warps we hear throughout the sonically intriguing track are perfectly contrasted by Tim Atlas' rich vocals and his undying message. Although "PLASTIC STRAW" may seem like it's about saving the precious turtles, the dynamic tune focuses on someone you just can't get rid of, no matter how hard you may try.


Tim Atlas continued,

"This one's about someone you want to part ways with, but they seem to stick around. We named it 'PLASTIC STRAW' because they never biodegrade and can't be recycled into something beneficial to the planet. The parallel became obvious to us after writing it, and although it wasn’t our intention at the time, it would be great if this song could also raise some environmental awareness!"

Ones To Watch has your first listen of "PLASTIC STRAW" below:

Revisit Tim Atlas' stellar performance of  "Sidestep" below.

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