Oscar Anton Gives Us a Taste of Summer Love With "postcard from Milan"


Nothing beats the little moments with the person you love - whether you're sipping a coffee on a Sunday morning, listening to a record while cooking dinner, or simply existing in the same space in comfortable silence. Those small moments are the ones that make love such a wonderful thing, and Oscar Anton's latest project postcard from Milan captures all those little moments and more.

The first single "cheerios" is co-created with Italian indie-pop artist VV. It feels like a perfect summer day; the kind where time and space feel infinite. Over a sound that weaves together indie-pop and tropical house, Anton concots a list of little things he wants to do with his crush. He sings, "I don’t want anything in particular / Just you, a nice tune, and some Cheerios / We’ll just dance in this park, play till it’s dark / Singing out la-la-la-la-loud." VV responds multilingually, answering Anton's demands with a to-do list of her own little moments in English and Italian.

The two play ping pong throughout their verses, going back and forth until they ultimately join forces, creating their own world adorned in playful harmonies and upbeat instrumentals. It is evident that Anton and VV have a strong chemistry when it comes to the creative process. Speaking on "cheerios," Oscar recounts, "I picked up a guitar, and we wrote 'cheerios.' Sometimes it can take 2 months to write a song, this time it took 3 hours."

The second track, "postcard from Milan," is a spoken word diary entry that lets us into the world of the rising artist. Over a whimsical piano ballad and soft drums, Anton begins by giving us life updates: he still makes music in his bedroom, he still sleeps less than six hours a night, and he's still single. Last year, he released music every month created in his bedroom. He is carrying the trend into 2022, with two added rules.  

In his own words, he needs to: 1. get out of his bedroom and 2. work with other people. To make that happen, he is going to travel to a different country and release a "postcard" containing one song from that country, created with an artist local to that country. Alongside the song, he is going to release a spoken "postcard" recounting his experiences, thoughts, and feelings, just like "postcard from Milan." Listening to "postcard from Milan" feels like you are on FaceTime with your best friend who is on the opposite side of the globe.

Through this project, we are able to travel the world with Oscar Anton, discovering new artists along the way. And I cannot wait to find out where the next postcard is from!

Listen to postcard from Milan below:

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