Rhys Lewis Imbues "Better Than Today" With a Powerful Wish for 2019


2018 was a year defined by both turmoil and perseverance. It is a year that at times brought to light the darkest facets of humanity but also highlighted the underlying connective tissue that makes us all human. London singer-songwriter  Rhys Lewis steps into 2019 with a song that captures the very essence of what it means to put your hand forward outstretched, reaching towards a brighter, better future.

"Better Than Today," the artist's latest, is an exquisitely-penned piano ballad distinguished by its universal message. While the opening lines hint at ignorance as Lewis gently coos, "I don't read the headlines / And I don't watch the news," rather than purposeful ignorance Lewis is speaking of burning oneself from reading bleak headliner after headline. Instead, Lewis illustrates that the path forward lies in the realization that knowing that no matter what you may be going through, you are not alone. It is a poignant sentiment that is only heightened by Lewis' talent for imbuing a wealth of palpable emotion into his work. Lewis spoke on writing "Better Than Today," sharing,

"We've been living through some pretty turbulent times in recent years. I wrote this song to ease my anxiety about the state of the world and remind myself that, whatever our differences are, whatever we choose to believe in, we all live with the same good intentions common, and we're all hoping for a better tomorrow."

The notion to come together in light of a particularly trying year may be nothing new but it feels more than necessary than ever. And if it's Lewis' soulful voice that carries the message, we are all the readier to hear it time and time again.    

Listen to "Better Than Today" below:

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