RICEWINE Walks Us Through   'Lovesick,'  His Mesmerizing LoFi Meditation on Love


Love is at the focal point of RICEWINE's sprawling eighteen-track album Lovesick. It is a universal sort of love, defined as much by naiveté and heartache as it is by themes of self-love and attempting to capture the nebulous feeling itself.  

This woozy meditation is told over the course of lofi-inspired tracks that take a cue from Nujabes, 24/7 YouTube livestreams, and iridescent future R&B soundscapes. The end result is a transfixing glimpse into "dreamhop," the self-ascribed genre of the Thai-Australian artist. And as each track throughout Lovesick meshes into the next, the term feels all the more apt. There is a daydream-like quality to the entire affair, yet at no point does RICEWINE ever lose his ineffable step, delivering a project that is the very definition of a vibe.  

We had the unique pleasure of having RICEWINE breakdown Lovesick for us, track by mesmerizing track.

"2/6 Woonsocket Court"  

The title of this track is the address of the house that I lived in when i first moved away from home.  


 First single of the album, this song is about someone I knew who had an addiction to Meth, I juxtaposed a happy upbeat instrumental with dark subject matter.  


Through the songwriting and production I aimed to reflect the freedom and beauty of the sea. This is a love song about the ocean. The expression 'Love as deep as the ocean’ is kind of cliché, but sometimes using a cliché is the best way to describe a feeling. I wanted to make a song that expressed the feeling of being deep in love.

"Inthebuilding" & "New Phone Who Dis?".  

With these skits, I wanted to have the album seem like you are changing between channels on a TV or radio. I’ve always liked skits in hip-hop albums, they break up the album and keep it light hearted. I always try to have my music be a little tongue in cheek.

"Control (Feat. Aria)"  

This track and "Selfluv" highlight the overarching theme of the album, that loving yourself is important before loving somebody else.

"Selfluv (Feat. Gus)"  

This song is about someone I met whom I’d become completely infatuated with. I wanted to be the best version of myself for her. After being in multiple relationships, I had realised how important it is to know and love yourself before you blindly start chasing love. Because if you don’t love yourself, who will? I tried to make the song sound pretty as the subject matter is quite light.

"Interlude (Dee Ehreeyuh)"  

This interlude marks a shift into the more melodic side of the album. i start to sing more towards the end of the album.


This skit is a voice memo my good friend and collaborator Nikodimos made. "Spicetube" is a name he calls me as a joke, it kinda sounds like RICEWINE.


This song was written during a time where I was making some big life changing decisions. The feeling of uncertainty is present in the chorus lyrics “Big calls is on the line.”

"Growing (Feat. Agung Mango & China)"  

I wanted to have a song on the album that was like a 90s hip-hop track, the music video reflects this. China and Agung Mango who are both friends from Melbourne feature.


Through the lyrics and song structure, I tried to depict the tides of the ocean. The vocals sway in and out with different effects added to reflect the uncertainty of the sea.  


This song is about not noticing that you have finally become happy. In the chorus, I sing about how I didn't think it was possible to be crying from a basic bodily function rather than being super depressed. "I never thought I'd cry from sunlight in my eyes."


I wrote this song when my partner was getting her wisdom tooth out. It is a very sweet song and one of the only times I use acoustic guitar on the LP.  


This is a breakup song. I feel like everyone who has been through a breakup knows that kind of feeling that this song depicts.


This song was written in a bout of depression, Nikodimos played sax in the chorus to create a very emotional feeling. The layered panned guitar in the outro enhances the vocals.

"Summer (Feat. GUS)"    

This song is about losing a love, perhaps my favourite song from the album. Another collaboration with GUS, I alternate between melodic rapping and singing. The sampled drum break gives the song a hip-hop vibe.


This song sums up a lot of the emotions I had during the period that I was writing Lovesick.

Listen to Lovesick below:

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