RMR Switches Gears to Deliver the Tragic Story of "DEALER"


Photo: YouTube/WhatRMR

In February, enigmatic rapper RMR, pronounced Rumor, dropped his debut single "RASCAL" to widespread shock and awe. The single and video in question features a balaclava-clad man brandishing firearms and a Saint Laurent bulletproof vest, all while a hauntingly beautiful anti-police ballad played out over a piano interpolation of Rascal Flatt's "Bless The Broken Road."  

The internet instantaneously ignited, finding RMR living a new dual life between meme and visionary. Now, he is back with a sophomore single that sees him making good on the early promise of "RASCAL."  

"DEALER" sees RMR switching gears. Switching between pained vocal feats and hard-hitting verse, RMR tells the tragic story of what happens when the dealer becomes the user.   Gone are the outright country furnishings of "RASCAL." Instead, "DEALER" largely finds its transfixing power in the angelic trap leanings of its mysterious star.  

The entire just-over-two-minute offering is intoxicating, blending woozy late-night R&B with forward-thinking trap. From the song itself to the accompanying cinematic video, which features RMR being buried alive, "DEALER" is a testament to RMR's versatility. If there is one evident connecting thread from RMR's breakout debut to his sophomore outing, it is that he knows how to create a project you cannot pull yourself away from.  

In addition to the new single and video, "DEALER" arrives along the news of RMR signing to Warner Records in partnership with CMNTY RCRDS.  

While I would be remiss if I said I didn't miss the evident country influence of RMR's viral breakout single, "DEALER" maintains the outlaw spirit of his debut while still finding a way for him to carve his own path forward. There is no question about it; 2020 belongs to RMR.  

Listen to "Dealer" below:  

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