Safiyyah Gets Candid on the Slow-Burning "Let You In" [Q&A]


Safiyyah has popped onto our radar a few times with a series of delicious songs that are terribly difficult to gauge as to when they were written; yesterday, 10 years ago, 20? That era-evading sound is compelling but as we reached out to Safiyyah to highlight her latest single, we found out there is much more to the magic and mystery of her music than an irresistible nostalgia.  

Ones to Watch: Who is Safiyyah? How is Safiyyah the artist different from you, the individual?

Safiyyah: Safiyyah is me, a lil West London gal. Safiyyah the artist is me, just myself but in full creativity. I'm quite a zen chill person, so the only difference is when I make my music I tend to come alive. Depending on the style.

You have a very sultry and timeless sound, how did you come to it?

Thank you so much, I have always loved singing since I was a child at home. I was brought up with all different genres in the household. Mostly R&B and hip-hop but my mum always appreciated different music. From there I started listening to all sorts and developed my sound through that.

"Let you In" seems to be about dealing with people, unwillingly and reluctantly. What inspired the song?

"Let you in," is more like an insight into my personality. I'm quite an introvert but selectively extroverted at the same time. I love to just observe sometimes and sense the energy in rooms hence why one lyric is "I won't be the loudest in the room" and is just about me giving my energy and love to people and it sometimes can be draining. Funnily enough, I was inspired to write this song because I left my best friend's birthday party too soon, and I just thought to write about how that's also a common occurrence. I'm a homebody. Haha

What's your writing and composition style in general; do you start with ideas, melodies, narratives?

I start with melodies and ideas definitely. I feel it changes depending on the project, but sometimes I like to just listen to an instrumental and the melody would come to me and I'd write off the bat to that. Or prepare a melody and stuff I've written at home as well.

Your songs in general seem very confessional. Is that comfortable for you? It is a cathartic process?

It is kinda scary, but at the same time, it's almost like a diary entry. I'm letting you guys into my world and my life. It's definitely a healing process and almost like a remedy as well.

What’s next for you? What should we be on the lookout for?

I am working on an exciting project concept EP and some other little tasters before that to come as well!

Who are your Ones to Watch?

My Ones to Watch are definitely Bina, Danny Sanchez, and my amazing friend Solaariss.

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