Sam Tompkins Is England's Most Promising and Versatile New Act


From just across the pond, the musical renaissance continues with Sam Tompkins, the freshest of emerging acts. Tompkins was born and raised in the town of Eastbourne where he found himself being influenced from an early age by artists ranging from Justin Timberlake to Ray Charles and even the man himself, Drake. These artists were how Tompkins found his voice, singing throughout the house, echoing whatever his sister would be playing on a given day.  

The young artist's musical journey began in 2017 where he picked up steam with a few covers that gained quite a bit of recognition. Eventually, it was his cover of Bebe Rexha's "I Got You" that won him an MTV contest for "Cover of the Month," thrusting him into a worldwide spotlight.  

In the same year, the Eastbourne native officially devoted himself to wholeheartedly pursuing his music career, releasing his debut EP, Coloured Emotions. The EP arrived as a dive into the blend of R&B, contemporary pop, hip hop, and even electronic that Tompkins had been looking to perfect. With impressive vocals and innovative production, this first endeavour showed promise for the up-and-coming artist.  

Currently, Tompkins is signed to Universal Island Records and finds himself having wrapped up a tour with Maverick Sabre. At the same time, now more than ever, the wheels are spinning for the 22-year-old to create an even greater buzz in the industry. It is his part due to the release of his most recent EP,  From My Sleeve to the World, which has started to catch the eyes of fans the world over.

Youtube is where Tompkins finds himself building an audience of fans that adore his voice, covers, and original music. His video for the EP's leading track, "You Broke My Heart So Gently" is quickly approaching 1.75 million views and showcases Tompkins' crisp voice, clean falsetto, and ability to rap and sing a killer chorus. It is this blend of artistry that makes Tompkins one you need to keep on your radar come 2020.

Tompkins' Youtube covers are a necessary aspect to discuss when talking about the young artist. His ability to own a song and make it his own is commendable and the Internet most definitely takes notice. His cover of The Beatles' "Yesterday" has racked up over two million views and showcases an entirely new side of Tompkins. His bright and gentle voice takes the masterpiece that is "Yesterday" and slowly gives it his own personal feel. With nothing more than an acoustic guitar and a grassy park, Tompkin puts on full display to the world that his talent alone makes him a special artist, not even considering his ability to rap and pen lyrics.

On From My Sleeve to the World, the juxtaposition of tracks such as "Follow Suit" and "Wishing Wells (Talk)" combine elements that craft a new breed of artist. On "Follow Suit" alone, the listener is able to observe verses delivered with the execution and ferocity of a restrained slowthai, as well as a chorus delivered in the vein of Ed Sheeran. This paralleled with the acoustic ballad that is "Wishing Wells (Talk)" put on a clear display of what it means to be a versatile artist.

When a young English kid is raised on the smooth vocals of Justin Timberlake, Ray Charles, and then thrown into the world of hip-hop with Drake, there is no knowing what the outcome may be. Luckily, with the recent success of Tompkins, it is easy to see that it mixes quite well. Blessed with a golden voice and the ability to spit with the best, Tompkins is England's newest addition to the ever-growing UK music scene and he is here to stay.

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