Sophie Powers Enlists DE'WAYNE For the High-Rise Invasion-Inspired "Greed" [Premiere]


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Following the success of her previous single, “Life Goes On!!” pop-rocker Sophie Powers has released her newest single, “Greed,” with alternative singer and rapper DE'WAYNE. The track focuses on the destructive results of one of the most notorious deadly sins of all - greed.

The single is a rock anthem bursting with catchy riffs and driving percussion, all of which serve to highlight Powers’ unfiltered and raw vocals. “I wrote this at a time in my life where I was surrounded by people who seemed to want more and more and more from me and for themselves. I would always have to do things in order to meet their needs and impress them. I hated the fact that I still wanted to impress them, despite how they treated me and others,” shares Powers.  

The chorus, although lyrically straight-forward, oozes with power and best exemplifies the message of the song. “I know it’s a repetitive and basic lyric, but it’s the repetition and simplicity that makes this line so powerful," says Powers. "It’s a powerful statement and symbolizes the song, which is about seeking and taking back your power from others who are driven by greed. Saying you want something, you want all of it, and you want it in the now, is direct, and as a listener at that moment, I feel as if I could tell my teacher to do their homework.”

Speaking about his feature on the track, DE'WAYNE adds, “I rode around jamming the track, and it made me wanna drive fast, so that was enough for me. It was already a jam, so I just wanted to add where I could! I also really respect her being so young and killing it!!"  

The collaboration of these two rising artists is a perfect match, both in the creative process and in execution. Their chemistry is palpable. "He’s such a humble guy, and I had a lot of fun working with him,” shares Powers. “I think creatively, we understand each other, and I’m thankful he let me direct his styling, as well as him in this music video. His talent and hard work ethic are what make him a solid creative collaborator; you know he’s going to pull through.”

Speaking of visuals, the accompanying music video, directed by Powers, is an engaging, Cruella Deville-esque piece of work that captures and holds viewers’ attention. Inspired by one of her favorite animes, High-Rise Invasion, we see Powers walking through a warehouse with her mask-clad bandmates.  

“In the anime, the masks represent the level at which you are placed, in their video game world,” explains the singer. “It’s a rather dark show, and to me, that is co-related to the darkness and meaning behind the song. The idea that people have 'power' over others just because of their status and the greedy world we live in. At the end of the day, we are all humans, and the song ‘Greed’ is about taking back your power from the people blinded by that greed.”

The video then cuts to scenes of DE'WAYNE entering an elevator and joined by the masked minions. According to Powers, while she and her bandmates represent the “levels” fabricated by greedy ideals, DE'WAYNE’s character overrides and challenges the institutionalized system by riding freely in both a metaphorical and literal elevator. “I’d say the set design was definitely the hardest part, considering we had not found an elevator until the night before the shoot to actually use in LA. The hardest part of the shoot was also keeping that elevator door open without beeping constantly!”

Watch the  "Greed" video below:

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