sundial Stops and Smells the Roses in "scenic route"

Photo: Artimio Black

Couple turned musical duo sundial is proving that slow and steady wins the race in their new single, “scenic route.” The pair met during their freshman year of college at Berklee College of Music, started dating, and began their musical partnership in 2016. “scenic route” is a charming bop that imparts essential anecdotes of wisdom.

In an industry full of nepo babies, sundial wants you to know that you can still find success without a leg-up. “scenic route” expands on the classic phrase “good things take time,” expressing that there’s still value in not always instantly being the best or immediately rising to the top. Accompanied by lively “na na na na’s” and a catchy beat, the duo sings about a lifetime of taking their time and being okay with a slower journey to achieve their goals. For a group named after the earliest type of timekeeping device, “scenic route” is a sincere expression of appreciation for the underdog.

It’s a unique idea to write about in a society enamored with quick rises to fame and natural explosions of talent. The music industry feeds into this unhealthy and unrealistic narrative and sundial even throws in a lyric to single them out. “Labels want a viral hit but I'll still take my time / 'Cause nothing worth it happens overnight,” cheekily sings the duo. Thrown over a groovy, summery, driving soundscape, sundial has encapsulated the feeling of going through life unbothered and how it feels to not compare your success to everything you see online.

“scenic route” is a song about always trying your best and being okay with not always being the best, a concept that isn’t romanticized nearly as much as it should be. The track comes alive with encouragement and it’s easy to picture a live crowd singing it together at the top of their lungs. Ending with a serene piano moment, sundial leaves listeners feeling hopeful and more at peace with their personal, unique journey.

Watch the "scenic route" lyric video below:

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