The Band Camino Aim For Anthemic and Emotional Highs on Debut Album [Q&A]


After one-and-a-half years of being stuck inside, not only is The Band Camino back on tour with Dan + Shay but they have also dropped their long-awaited self-titled album, The Band Camino.  The highly-anticipated album combines '80s synths, punchy hooks, and vibrant anthems that are guaranteed to vibrate across the crowd during live shows. Beyond the infectious sonics,  The Band Camino has its fair share of important and deep-rooted messages. From stepping back and taking in what's around you to not taking life for granted, the trio takes us through a much needed rollercoaster of emotions.  

We had the pleasure of sitting down, virtually, with The Band Camino to discuss their debut album and plenty more!

Ones to Watch: I already have The Band Camino on repeat; it's amazing! What's the story behind choosing to go with your band name as the title for your debut album?

Spencer: It just felt appropriate. Like this album is a perfect snapshot of who we are at this time. Always ready to grow and change but this is exactly where we are right now.

You've probably told this story a million times but for those who may not know, how did The Band Camino get its start?

Spencer: Jeffery and I started the band at University of Memphis. Jeffery was wanting to be an Americana / country artist and I played in his band, then one day we were just like "well this clearly isn't that" and we started The Band Camino. We had a few different members along the way and met Garrison in the summer of 2018 and then the band was complete.

You played your first show in over a year-and-a-half in Nashville and are currently on tour! How does it feel to be back on stage performing for your fans?

Jeffery: Incredible. No other word to describe it. After just sitting home and watching time pass for the past year-and-a-half, we're all more grateful than ever to be able to get back out and play.

"Roses" was the first single released off the album. What's the meaning behind the song and why was it chosen as the first drop?

Jeffery: It just felt like the best foot forward because of the message. It was written as a pep talk to yourself, a reminder to the person in the mirror that sometimes you just have to step back and look at what's around you.

What was your writing process like for this album? Did the pandemic have an impact on it compared to how you guys did things in the past?

Spencer: We did a few writing retreats, wrote on our own, wrote however we felt was right at the time. Songs came from a ton of different places. Rather than how the songs were written, it changed the content more than anything.

What do you want your listeners to take away from The Band Camino?

Jeffery: Hopefully whatever you're looking for at the time. It runs the gamut with positive songs, heartbreak songs, songs about personal doubt.

You made your national tv debut on Jimmy Kimmel just a few weeks ago. What was that experience like?!

Garrison: Wish we had been able to actually get the experience of going to the TV studio and all that, but there's another one we can chalk up to Covid. Was still so cool to see ourselves on TV!

Did you find it difficult to write 14 songs or were there any other challenges you faced along the way?

Spencer: We wrote WAY more songs than the ones that made it on the album. The biggest challenge was just picking the ones that made the album.

A few not as serious questions but still very important... what are your go to tour snacks?

Cheez-Its, Guac & Salsa, Sour Patch Kids, and Celsius Energy.

Dream venue to play at?

Spencer: Wembley.

Garrison: Aragon Ballroom.  

Jeffery: Terminal 5 in NYC, which we MIGHT be doing soon - more on that soon enough.

If you could tour or collaborate with anyone dead or alive, who would it be?

Spencer: Eagles

Garrison: The Killers  

Jeffery: John Mayer

Who are your Ones to Watch?

Spencer: Slow Pulp, Hastings

Jeffery: Hastings, Valley, Arlie

Garrison: The Paper Kites

The Band Camino is available everywhere you can stream it.  

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