The Buttertones Come of Age in "Fade Away Gently" [Premiere]


Photo: Arthur Hitchcok

In the seven years since The Buttertones released their self-titled debut album, Modesto "Cobi" Cobià¥n, Sean Redman, London Guzman, and Richard Araiza have carved out a cult-like status for themselves. It is a status cultivated from their rapturous live shows and dynamic discography that runs the gamut from ominous post-punk to beguiling surf rock. With their latest single, The Buttertones look to return to their roots while simultaneously exploring newfound territory.

It is a seemingly contradictory notion that comes to life in the transfixing "Fade Away Gently." The new single, premiering here today, follows hot on the heels of "Jazzhound," and arrives as the sophomore single from the band's much-anticipated album Jazzhound, set to release April 10 via Innovative Leisure.

"Fade Away Gently" evokes the uninhibited self-exploration that gave The Buttertones their cult-like status in the first place, while still finding the space to delve into their darkest territory to date. This balancing act is carried largely by The Buttertones' musical dexterity, which was captured live at the infamous Electro-Vox Studios in Hollywood, and frontman Araiza's bewitching baritone.

Araiza's baritone, in particular, gives each half-spoken, half-sung word an air of cosmic grandeur. Combine that with one of the tightest bands we have heard in quite some time, and you have a recipe for lasting success. Redman spoke further on the underlying inspiration behind "Fade Away Gently," sharing,

“This is a coming-of-age song that focuses on an individual’s journey. Melancholy and full of regret but acceptance that we’re in the midst of life and we need to be open to change. Musically this track has a resemblance of our earliest days as a group.”

In "Fade Away Gently," and in turn, Jazzhound, The Buttertones come of age. Yet, it is a coming-of-age not defined by a particular generational shift, as their music is not easily transcribed to a singular place or time. The Buttertones make the rare sort of music that simply does not go out of style.

Listen to "Fade Away Gently" below:

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