Meet The Let Go, the Indie Pop Duo Capturing All Your Lingering Feelings


Photo: Malua Ní Chléirigh

The Let Go, comprised of lead vocalist Cole Bleu and guitarist and fellow producer Scout, is steadily emerging as one of the most exciting and intriguing duos in the indie-pop scene. Having originally met in high school playing in a “shit pop-punk band,” the two have since transitioned into making vibrant, innovative pop music that does not hold back an ounce of emotion. After releasing their debut EP Feeling Lonely in 2021, the creative partners grew and followed up that success with their latest EP Delete My Feelings. The record is a fruitful, dynamic, and emotionally-charged step forward for the fiery duo.

The release opens with the cathartic title track “Delete My Feelings.” The relaxed instrumentals juxtapose a song full of built-up emotions and heartbreaking vocals. The lyrics tell the story of an unfinished relationship, an underlying theme throughout the record. They set the sonic scene with lines like, “Dreams, they’re make-believe / Cause you just aren’t what you seem / Make me delete my feelings.” This sentiment of unresolved feelings bleeds into the following track, “Vegas,” which eludes to the difficulty of moving on from a relationship when you see their face plastered everywheres. The sax solo exudes loneliness, especially as the sound of rain plays in the background of the chorus.

Strong emotions begin to bubble to the surface on the self-questioning and buzzing “Woke” and the chaotic “Last Year’s Model Club.” The slower moments in the two tracks reveal a bottomless pining, reflecting a relatable form of self-inflicted torment. While Cole and Scout aren’t afraid to unchain a wave of melodic anger, airing out their romantic existentialism proves even more powerful.

“Beabadoobee” is an atmospheric echo chamber with heavily-reverbed guitar lines, droning and detuned synths, and a pitch shift at the end that makes listeners feel like they’re falling. The track gives off an unsettling feeling, like the turning point of a toxic relationship where someone finds themselves so unhappy in a relationship that they turn anywhere else to fill a void.

Finally, the record closes with a soft focus on closure in “Ghost.” The finale is a uniquely haunting moment on a tracklisting brimming with emotional candor. Its poignant guitar riffs and vulnerable lyrics explore the spirit of a past love, from the way they float into your mind to the way in which their presence still lingers in spaces you inhabit, ending the body of work on a somber note.  

Listen to Delete My Feelings below:

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