THEO's  'C-SIDES' Is an Easygoing Display of Relatable Songwriting


Hailing from Hawaii, Jacob Vieira, professionally known as THEO, has been building anticipation for a debut since the release of singles such as "Butter" and "Like You." Both tracks show THEO singing over somber and skeletal instrumentals. THEO's use of vocal distortion and his introspective writing help create a dreamy and ethereal atmosphere.

THEO continues to experiment and hone his songwriting on his debut EP C-SIDES. The 6-song EP compiles his previous singles and spotlights a few new tracks as well. The opening "Wake Up" is rebellious and laid back. The eerie synths and acoustic guitar lead compliment the lyrical content of the track. The song "Coattails" is a standout moment on the EP. The track features THEO's most earworm hook and high energy delivery.

C-SIDES sounds like THEO's most polished body of work to date. The catchy hooks and dreamy instrumental selection make the project a relaxing and engaging listen front to back.

Listen to C-Sides by THEO below:

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