WYNNE on Coming to Terms With Loneliness and New "Midnight" Visual [Premiere + Q&A]


Multi-faceted talent WYNNE is not only a masterful artist but also a prolific songwriter and producer. His latest single "Midnight," taken from his forthcoming EP, Both Sides, is a stunningly gentle track inspired by lockdown and the ensuing loneliness that followed. So many of us can connect to that sorrowful feeling of longing for human interaction in a time where we feel so separated from one another.  

A soft intimate serenade of light buttery vocals float atop tranquil arrangements, as the song emphatically grabs you and holds on tight. The simple yet mesmerizing visuals are equally as captivating. Opening with a close-up on a despondent girl at a diner, one instantly gets the feeling of longing for something more.  

WYNNE is known for his warm, moody offerings that burst with poignancy. He has written and produced for some of today's most notable artists, including Machine Gun Kelly, Lennon Stella, and more. We had the opportunity to speak with WYNNE on success,  "Midnight," and accepting loneliness.  

Ones To Watch: You are a Grammy-nominated, platinum-selling songwriter, artist, producer and multi-instrumentalist. How did you achieve your current level of success?

WYNNE: Thank you. It’s really been quite a natural progression from what started as touring with various bands as a musician and musical director, to songwriting with those bands and other up-and-coming artists, to subsequently getting much more into the production side of things. Moving to LA from New York definitely had a big impact on my work and the types of writers/artists I was able to get in the studio with.

Your single "Midnight" showcases your striking delicate, falsetto. How did you develop such a rich vocal tone?

Well… that’s very kind of you to say so. I’m not too sure. I think probably growing up listening to a lot of Chris Martin…!

The track stuns with soaring cinematic arrangements. How was the song constructed?

I’ve always been fascinated with strings and grew up listening to a lot of orchestral/classical music, so I try to incorporate that sound into my production as much as I can. The song originally started on keys, and once I had a basic structure in mind, I could start adding the various layers of production. From the acoustic guitar to synths, drones, and ultimately the live string section that builds throughout the track.

"Midnight" is a profound narration of accepting isolation while still yearning for human connection. What inspired the track's message?

"Midnight" is definitely a song that was somewhat inspired by the pandemic and the overwhelming emotions it’s brought on. It’s about coming to terms with a sense of loneliness and isolation - feeling lost and out of touch, not only with friends and family, but also ourselves. Pandemic or not, this is obviously something that a lot of us deal with at some point in our lives, and I wanted that to be reflected in the lyrics and general tone of the track.

 How did you come up with the video's captivating concept?

I shot the video with a couple of friends, and my good friend and fellow artist, Naomi Wild is starring in it. We wanted to try and convey that same image of being alone at a time when we all desperately crave connection.

You have worked with some prominent musical talents such as Machine Gun Kelly and Jaden Smith. What have you learned from collaborating with these greats?

I’ve learned that you really have to put in the time, and that there’s very rarely an easy route in this business. It can be incredibly fickle, with plenty of ups and downs, but persistence, focus and determination can play a powerful role.

Lastly, who are your Ones to Watch?

I’m a big fan of Jim-E Stack. I find his production incredibly refreshing and love how he combines a lot of '80s elements into his tracks. He’s been doing a lot of amazing things already but I’m excited to see what’s in the pipeline.

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