YUNGBLUD's 'the underrated youth' Is Larger Than an EP. It's a Movement

England continues to produce hitmakers, plain and simple. Despite the political complications of the times, there is no slowing down the musical renaissance of the nation. With the release of the underrated youth, YUNGBLUD has cemented himself as one of the emerging artists set to take over the UK and beyond before we knot it.  

After wrapping up a sold-out North American tour, YUNGBLUD has already made his mark in the music landscape at large, but with the release of  the underrated youth, he makes it clear he has what it takes to be an absolute star. The six-track EP comes in at roughly eighteen minutes, with no two tracks that would be categorized as even the same genre. Many artists find themselves trapped in a cycle of creating the same song in different variations, but for YUNGBLUD, it seems as though he has no problem taking on a completely new artistic license with each track.  

As he rapidly rises to stardom, YUNGBLUD has found his music as more than that. It is a platform. He is creating a conversation - rather, a movement, to overcome. YUNGBLUD spoke on the underlying inspiration behind his new EP, sharing,

"This EP is about all the people I've met and the stories I've heard in the past couple of years. My fans are constantly telling me about the incredible things they've gone through, like coming out to their parents or transitioning to another gender. With every day, every gig, every DM, it's become less and less about me and more about this whole collective of people coming together to fight for what we believe in."

On the track "parents," YUNGBLUD entirely comes face to face with the notion of unapologetically owning one's sexuality and realizing that sometimes, "Parents aren't always right." Musically, the track has dramatic vocal climaxes as well as clashing drums that create a beautiful chaotic anthem of pride.

Along with the talents of YUNGBLUD, his EP draws in some help from Dan Reynolds of Imagine Dragons’ fame. It is with his assistance that the track, "original me," helps the underrated youth find its true climax. The track is a rollercoaster of sound, ranging from a few gentle vocals over ambient synths to a rumbling mix of trap drums, screaming vocal layers, and thudding bass.  

Along with the impressive production and vocal performance by both Reynolds and YUNGBLUD, the track brings forth an important message. On an EP centered on acceptance and growth, the track follows the narrative of entering the pitfalls of doubt and hopelessness. While admitting, "Somedays I wish I was anyone else," the track finds its solace in the phrase, "I'm the original loser." We find a YUNGBLUD who comes to terms with the sentiment that regardless of who or what anyone is, what is important is the very thing that makes them unique. Even if you think you're a loser, you're the original loser.  

The EP draws to a close with the acoustic ballad "waiting for the weekend," juxtaposing the thrilling, chaotic nature of the rest of the tracks. Along with the tone, the song's theme is that of unrequited love and wonder, opposed to the rest of the EP's message of identity and acceptance. It is here where YUNGBLUD reminds the listener that he is a vocalist as well as a martyr for change. YUNGBLUD sends the listener off on a lullaby-like ballad that melancholically closes the final chapter of  the underrated youth.

From "braindead!" to "waiting for the weekend," YUNGBLUD has given the world a beautiful and daring range of sonics that is representative of where music is headed. With no restrictions, YUNGBLUD is unapologetically himself throughout every moment of the underrated youth. YUNGBLUD is much bigger than music and the underrated youth is a movement much grander than just another EP drop.

Listen to  the underrated youth below:

For more from YUNGBLUD, revisit the time he swung by our rooftop to perform, in spite of having a broken leg.  

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