7 Ones To Know if You Can’t Stop Dancing To Flume’s New Mixtape


From playing Coachella to winning Best Dance/Electronic Album at the 2017 GRAMMYs, Flume has been a pioneer for the electronic genre. He just released Hi This Is Flume, his first full-length project since 2017. The mixtape features 17 tracks accompanied by a 42 minute mixtape visualizer. Hi This is Flume transports listeners to another world with its atmospheric synthesizers and beats.

The Australian DJ, instrumentalist, and producer was key in sparking a widespread interest in electronic music. He began producing house music in his early teen years, constantly creating new music and navigating various engineering softwares. A few years later, Flume entered a few of his songs into a competition hosted by esteemed Australian record label, Future Classic. Although he ended as runner up, the label hosting the competition immediately signed him, and the founder of the label is currently still Flume's manager.

Flume's first self-titled record was created and produced on the first laptop he had ever purchased. His album shot up to number one spot on the Australian iTunes charts and led to him signing to an American label. From his humble beginnings to playing sold out concerts and festivals, Flume created a four-part documentary series on YouTube. When Everything Was New details the songmaker's journey from producing songs in his bedroom to becoming a global sensation.

If raves are your scene, or you're beyond stoked by Flume's triumphant, here are seven producers and DJs that you need to know.

Sam Gellaitry


Even though he's only 22-years-old, Sam Gellaitry has been on the electronic music scene since his late teenage years. Getting his start on SoundCloud, the producer started remixing and releasing original tracks six years ago. At the start of his career, Gellaitry was constantly dropping new songs, but he eventually slowed down to work on a larger project– his first EP. In 2015, he released Escapism, and it became something the producer has built on. He has since created Escapism II and III. His multi-layered tracks are influenced by different locations and cultures around the world. His favorite place to find inspiration is his hometown of Stirling in central Scotland. Gellaitry is in the midst of working on his first full-length album due sometime this year.



Melbourne based cousins, Chloe Kaul and Simon Lam, comprise the complex duo Kllo. With electronic beats and ethereal R&B vocals, Kllo tastefully combines genres that are typically not paired with one another. The two have been collaborating together since 2014 when they released Cusp, their debut EP. Kllo took two years off, perfected their sound, and returned with a vengeance with new singles, another EP, and their first full-length album titled Backwater. Since then, Kllo dropped "Candid," which is their first single since the release of their album. "Candid" is one of their slower tracks, but nonetheless showcases the duo's masterful ability to bounce off of each other's juxtaposing energies. Kaul's relaxing vocals and Lam's danceable beats are unconventional for the electronic music scene, but that's just part of their magic.



With a string of high profile collaborations, Whethan is a name you should know. The young DJ and producer is another child of SoundCloud, but since then has played some of the largest arenas and festivals around the world, and  opened for artists like The Chainsmokers and Zedd. His upbeat tracks are not only incredibly infectious and fun, but also intricately produced. Each individual funky beat serves a clever purpose. His first album, Life Of A Wallflower Vol. 1, has us desperately wishing for a Vol. 2, but until then, you can catch Whethan performing this year at Lollapalooza.



Patrick Cybulski, better known by his moniker k?d (pronounced "kid"), released his first EP, Find Paradise at the end of last year. He refused to have all of the tracks sound the same, hoping that listeners would not associate one specific genre with his name. With mixes of dubstep, dance, and techno, his textured beats are inventive and thrilling all at once. Find Paradise removes listeners from reality and gives them a taste of futuristic and technology-driven sounds.



Hoodboi is a Los Angeles producer whose beats span just about every genre. When Hoodboi isn't mixing another expansive anthem, he is Roger Schami, a graphic designer and music enthusiast. Schami draws his musical influence from his favorite genres including house, R&B, pop, and electronic. Hoodboi gained traction after his club remixes of iconic 90′s songs went viral over social media. His most popular single, "True Colors," is a track from his first album, Breathing Room released in 2018. 



Since the age of six, German-native Mazde has been trained in both classical and jazz composition. Expanding his genre knowledge, Mazde became obsessed with creating music that was innovative and thus fell head over heels for electronic music. The producer got his start after his remix of Disclosure's "Help Me Lose My Mind" blew up on YouTube. Mazde is gifted in making mid-tempo tracks still remarkably danceable. His most recent single "Space" is strikingly invigorating despite its mellow demeanor.

Cosmo’s Midnight


Cosmo and Patrick Liney are twin brothers from Australia. The brothers created Cosmo's Midnight back in 2012 releasing lighthearted singles. It wasn't until 2018 that the duo debuted their first full-length album, What Comes Next. Most tracks are upbeat and bright, with notable features including Tove Styrke. Their lively sounds reflect their cool and quirky personalities highlighted in their music videos and on their social media. Cosmo's Midnight just dropped another feel-good single titled, "C.U.D.I (Can U Dig It)." The single is lush with sounds reminding us of the beach, summer, and sunshine which are basically everything we dig.