A Miniature Zak Abel Makes for a Great Lover in the Saweetie-Assisted “You Come First” Video


Sexual innuendo is nothing new to the world of music. In fact, some of the greatest classics in music history have been the result of alluding to at-the-time taboo topics of sexual promiscuity or desire. So, when British singer-songwriter Zak Abel casually dropped the filthiest song under the guise of the wholesome and infectious pop number "You Come First" late last year, we quickly lined up to give our praises for the art form that is double entendre.

Today, Abel returns with a music video that puts to bed any debate at what "You Come First" could have been possibly been alluding to. The uproarious single and video see a miniature Abel taking up the post of a woman's animated and dancing toy, following being disappointed by a string of less than adequate romantic partners. Imagine Tyra Banks' Life-Size, albeit played in reverse and having less to do about the repercussions of suddenly becoming sentient and moving on past the death of a loved one (that was an odd children's film in hindsight) and more so about being a sexually attentive partner.  

Life-Size digressions aside, the video for "You Come First" is everything we could have hoped for when it came time to bring Abel's innuendo-heavy single to life. The lighthearted video sees the British artist joined by Bay Area rapper Saweetie who in typical fashion delivers a confident standout verse all whilst enjoying herself in a coupe cocktail glass bubble bath. For what is "You Come First," if not a lesson in proper indulgence–just make sure you are indulging the right person and in the right fashion.    

Watch the video for "You Come First" below: