Adam Melchor Re-Imagines the Modern Love Song with Folky “Plan On You”


As it rains heavily in Los Angeles, we cannot help but find comfort in hot chocolate, warm blankets and Adam Melchor's intoxicating new single, "Plan On You." As a follow up to "Three Hours Ahead," the track teases what we can expect from the New Jersey-native later this month on his EP.

With a soft instrumental introduction and Melchor's delicate indie vocals, "Plan On You" brings us to a nostalgic place. Surrounded by unknown plans, the opera-singer-turned-bedroom-folk-artist sings of the one certainty in his life, crooning, "I don't have a plan/ I just planned on you." An ode to the modern love song, Melchor illustrates his brilliant ability to write simple and raw lyrics that resonate with you long after the song has reached its end.

On trading the comforting cold of home for the unknown in sunny Los Angeles, Melchor said,

My family is made of musicians. My grandfather was in the NY Philharmonic for 45 years. My other grandma was a music teacher and still practices piano every day. My parents were both music teachers. My sister is a music teacher. They understood. They told me it was time.

The relocation proved to be fruitful and has since propelled the singer-songwriter's career as an artist.

Cozy up and give the infectious song a listen:

And as we emotionally and mentally prepare for his long-awaited EP, be sure to check out his tour dates below.