Ahead of Tour, Ashe Proudly Dismantles Toxic Relationships With ‘Moral of the Story: Chapter 2′


Before she embarks on the 'Mom's First Headline Tour' (presented by yours truly), Ashe is closing her storybook of life lessons in the two-part Moral of the Story with Chapter 2. The California native has been praised endlessly for her vintage vocals paired with a modern take on pop songwriting that has garnered her notable success. Focusing heavily on her past toxic relationship, Ashe is proud to conclude this period of deep reflection with Moral of the Story: Chapter 2.

Just like Moral of the Story: Chapter 1, her newest offering is filled with the purest emotions as she reminisces about a past romance that led to her broken heart. Like many who have been madly in love with their high school sweethearts, Ashe was a young bride who ultimately took a risk by committing herself to someone she once thought had her best interests in mind. After some time, Ashe realized the illusionary marriage was actually destructive so she knew it had to come to an end.

Moral of the Story: Chapter 2 begins with "In Disguise," a sonically intriguing track that incorporates a playful rhythm with twangy instrumentals. Ironically plagued with self-doubt and insecurities, Ashe contemplated releasing this compelling track that speaks volumes about being confident in yourself. Paying homage to her home state, "Cold in California" is all about her love/hate relationship with not only Los Angeles, but with herself as well.

Among the four stunning tracks on Moral of the Story: Chapter 2, the most moving just may be the gorgeous ballad that is "Immature." Criticizing her former self's decisions, Ashe strives to improve herself and advocates for self-growth by finally beginning to nurture herself in "Immature." And finally, Ashe leaves us on a high note with "Not How It's Supposed To Go," which serves as a defining moment of realization. Through this closing track, Ashe dismantles her past marriage and urges people to seek help when they have even the slightest inkling that they or someone they know may be in a toxic relationship.

On the powerful closing track, "Not How It's Supposed To Go," Ashe explained,

"When you're in a toxic relationship with someone, you often don't realize it until you get out. And hopefully, you get out. It's when you leave that you figure out how fucked up it really was. The lying, the cheating, the breaking the drywall with your fists: finding it was all very wrong and all very sad. When I was married, I was broken. I didn't write this song to dismantle the idea of marriage; I wrote it to dismantle the marriage I was in and with hopes of dismantling other people's toxic relationships. There's such a better life on the other side, that unhealthy shit is not how it's supposed to go."

Save yourself from heartache with Ashe's Moral of the Story: Chapter 2 below:

Catch Ashe on the 'Mom's First Headline Tour' with fellow Ones To Watch Charlie Burg and Gavin Haley this fall!


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