AIRPORTS Asks If “U FEEL IT 2” on Sultry New Single [PREMIERE]

Sydney DIY pop artist, AIRPORTS, has dropped a poignant and earnest new single "U FEEL IT 2." Adorned with melancholy melodies and ethereal soundscapes, AIRPORTS aka Aaron Lee, has concocted a wistful release, showcasing his determination to avoid a cookie-cutter approach to his music. Through intricate, sleek production and layered, sensuous vocals, "U FEEL IT 2" emits a chilling and utopian ambiance.  

Hoping the song may resonate with listeners facing a multitude of emotions, the Australian singer shares,

"It started out being written as a song about a haunting relationship with depression in contrast to uplifting music, but when some of the lyrics started to spill out I realized I was also writing about positive romantic feelings for my partner. At that point, I was emotionally overwhelmed and realized this song has a great dualism."

His distinguished, synth-pop sound, reminiscent of The Weeknd meets Lauv, transitions from song to song, allowing audiences to experience his genre-defying compilations and further solidifying his uniqueness as an independent artist. "U FEEL IT 2" follows the release of "Don't Sleep Anymore", which gave us a glimpse into AIRPORTS lo-fi avenue. The singer, songwriter, producer and engineer truly blossoms with every new release and we can only imagine what the future beholds for this artist on the rise. Stream the premiere of "U FEEL IT 2" below: